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GPS Temperature Monitoring Device for Cold Chain

Reefer container temperature monitoring system

Gps Temperature Monitoring Device for Cold Chain Tracking

By In Blog On July 16, 2021

Gps temperature monitoring device

What is GPS temperature monitoring?

UniGuard’s gps temperature monitoring device for refrigerated trailers and trucks has been professionally designed and engineered to help and ease delivery of temperature-sensitive goods and minimize temperature-realted costs. The solution combines wired or wireless GPS tracking device with wired temperature sensors with powerful fleet management software, providing OTA reefer temperature control, maintenance recording, real-time and historical temperature data, refrigerated vehicle tracking, and many other reports.

UniGuard Temperature Monitoring Device has 2 Solutions:

1 Wired GPS Tracker UM777 connects upto 4 wired temperature sensors

2 Wireless battery powered GPS tracker UM660 (10000mAh Battery) connects with 1 wired temepreature sensors.

GPS Tracker

cold chain monitoring device

Temp Sensor

temperature monitoring sensor

Fuel Sensor

Weight Sensor

gps load monitoring sensor

All-in-One Temperature Tracking Solution

One powerful gps tracking device to meet all your needs about fleet management and temperature monitoring

Cargo Temperature Control

Both drivers and control center can monitor the temperature real time online by Web or APP

Cut Risk of Loss and Damage

Ensure cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range

Application of GPS temperature monitoring device

1 Transport companies, food, fruits, medicines and vaccines

2 Warehouse and Storage Refrigerators

Headaches of logistic companies in market:

1 Vehicle and goods status does not update position real time

2 Vehicle or goods theft during transport

3 Driver does not obey traffic regulations and drive harmfully to the endurance and safety of vehicle.

4 Company vehicles are used in private matter and low work efficiency

5 Too many vehicles make data communication and interaction slow.

Advantages with UniGuard Solution

1 Ensure food and product safety with shipment temperature monitoring
gps temperature monitoring report

2 Reduce replacements costs for goods with real time cold chain management

3 Increase business with data-drive assurance to customers of product safety
gps tracking device status overview

4 Real-time Monitoring

Monitor vehicle and asset status lively at gps tracking software and app, to check vehicle current speed, direction, address and also mileage. All these data shall be sent and stored at gps tracking software for future usage and analysis.
Truck Temperature Monitoring

5 Various alarms

Geo-fence alarm limit vehicle arrive and leave in predefined areas. Over speed and Engine idle alarm gives you data of how driver drives. Power tamper alarm lets you know the device is tampered.
gps tracking software history reply

6 Group management.

Different apartments or division can be granted with respective account to manage and monitor their fleets. The company admin account can monitor all fleets.
gps tracking software login

7 Fuel consumption monitoring

GPS tracker can also be connected with fuel sensor to monitor fuel consumption. The company monitoring center an have a detailed info about how much fuel consumed in one trip, when and where fuel is added, if there is fuel leak or abnormal fuel usage, etc.
gps fuel Monitoring

8 Weight / Loading Monitoring

With weight sensor connected, the device can monitor loading weight from 0T to 100T.

gps loading monitoring device

Trailer monitoring is to monitor the temperature-related goods transported by trailer, so as to cut the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.

A gps temperature monitoring device is a gps tracking device combined with one or several temperature monitoring sensors.

Our UM777 gps temperature monitoring device is  capable of monitoring up to 4 different cold zones simultaneously with wired digital temperature sensors.

The benefits of refrigerated trailer tracking include gaining visibility & control into the location and temperature status of your perishable assets as they move through the cold chain, while reducing operational costs & cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.

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