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GPS Tracker APP

GPS Tracker APP IOS and Android Support

GPS Tracker APP

By In Blog On June 21, 2016

UniGuard offer real time tracking software service for all clients, as well wechat based tracking app on phone, no matter Android or Iphone, as long as you can download wechat. In countries, like Iran, wechat is not allowed and in most other countries, wechat is not popular to use, though it is also a very convenient messenger like skype, MSN and QQ.

To check GPS tracker APP by wechat, please click here “GPS Tracker Wechat APP

Therefore, we developed Android APP for phones with Android OS. On the APP, users can keep track of vehicles with their speed, location, alarm, engine on/off, run and download history replay, track all vehicles locations, also have street view and manage vehicles and users accounts.

Steps to use GPS Tracker APP

For Android Phones: Download and Install APP GPS Tracker APP Android

For Iphone and Android phones, both can use phone browser to track: Open in browser as below GPSPOS 

gps tracker app

Vehicle List
GPS Tracker APP

Location on Google map
GPS Tracker APP

Street View
GPS Tracker APP

History replay
GPS Tracker APP

All vehicles’ locations
GPS Tracker APP

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