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GPS Tracker Free Shipping

GPS Tracker Free Shipping from China to Kenya and Nairobi

GPS Tracker Free Shipping

By In Blog On November 5, 2014

free delivery

From November 11th, 2014, Free Air Delivery is available for delivery destination at Kenya (Nairobi) and Nigeria (Lagos/Abuja).


GPS Tracker Free Shipping Requirements for Free Air delivery:

1 Date begins at November 11th, 2014 Date ends December 31st, 2014

2 GPS Tracker Models:

GPS Car Tracker UT01

Mini GPS Tracker UM02

Plug and Play GPS Tracker UT06

GPS Camera Fuel Tracker UT04

3 Quantity requirements: 200pcs

4 Destination: Kenya (Nairobi) and Nigeria (Lagos/Abuja)

5 Delivery method: By Air


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