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4G Pet Tracking Collar

4G pet trackig device for dogs and cats

4g pet collar

4G Pet Collar B21L

4G Pet Collar B21L is a newly designed mini-size 4G LTE GPS tracking collar for cats and dogs tracking. It has a small size at 57*33*17 mm and is lightweight at 40g. It supports remote voice monitoring which enables us to help the pets if there is any help needed. Also, it comes with a 1200mAh battery so the average working time is up to 7 days. It is great to track the pets but happier to have lesser charging time for the device. The device was held by a transparent plastic rubber case, which makes the device soft to wear and easy to work with any size of the collar.

Pet collar has both 2G and 4G versions. Removing the rubber case, it can use a perosnal emergency tracker as well.

4G Pet Tracking Collar Features:

Real-Time Tracking

4G LTE network tracker makes it work any place in the world, so as to track the pets by Web or Phones APP no matter where you are and where they are.

Geo-Fence Alert

Draw an invisible fence on the APP map, there will be alert when the dogs and cats go across the fence. Unlike traditional fence, the fury friends are free to go anywhere.


The rubber holder gives the 4G pet collar good protection and no need to worry that the device will go off. Also, no need worry raining or when the pets are playing with water.

Big Battery

B22L comes with a 1200mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery. Its standby time is 15 days and it working time depends on the real-time tracking interval. At 10 mins intervals, it can last 5 days.

LTE Pet Tracker Specifications:

Position mode GPS+BD+LBS+AGPS
Location Accuracy ≤10
Size 57*33*17 mm
Battery 1200 Mah
Frequency LTE 4G + 2G GSM
Standby 10 days
Charging USB Type-C 5V
Charging current Max 1A
Working current GPS ON: 35 mAh, GPS OFF: 5mAh
Working temperature -20 to 70°C
Storage temperature and humidity -40 to 90°C / 5%~95% non condensing

Why should we use 4G LTE pet collar?

Pet owners are always concerned about the safety and whereabouts of their pets. With the advancement of technology, pet collars with 4G capabilities have emerged as a solution to keep track of pets in real-time. These collars have become increasingly popular among pet owners due to their numerous benefits.

One of the key advantages of using a 4G pet collar is the ability to track the pet’s location in real-time. This feature allows pet owners to know exactly where their pets are at any given time, providing them with peace of mind. Additionally, some 4G pet collars also offer a geofencing feature that alerts owners when their pets stray beyond a certain boundary, helping prevent pets from wandering too far and getting lost.

Another advantage of using a 4G pet collar is the ability to monitor the pet’s activity levels. By tracking the pet’s movements, owners can ensure that their pets are getting enough exercise, which is crucial for their health and well-being. Additionally, some collars come equipped with sensors that can monitor the pet’s heart rate, providing owners with valuable information about their pet’s health.

In summary, 4G pet collars are an excellent tool for pet owners who want to keep their pets safe and healthy. With their ability to track location, monitor activity levels, and provide real-time updates, these collars can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to pet owners everywhere.

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