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Tail Light Bike GPS Tracker

Hidden Design GPS Tracker for Bicycle

best bike gps tracker

Tail light Bike GPS Tracker

Tail light is a best bike gps tracker with a tail light design-Hidden Mini Bike GPS Tracker.

With 1500 mAh battery, it can last 10 to 15 days with one single charge. Last longer at standby mode.

All in one design makes it IP67 waterproof. MT2503 GSM and Ulbox 7 GPS chipset make it locate fast.

No monthly fee with web and app tracking service.

The red tail part can also turn on as a red warning light. (optional)

1 Real time location tracking

2 Tracking by Web/APP/SMS command

3 Over speed alarm

4 Vibration alarm

5 Low power alarm

6 Remote voice monitoring

7 Size 58*35*15 mm

8 Battery 1500mAh, working time 15 days

9 Support Geo-fence

10 Support remote switch on/off by SMS command

11 IP67 Water proof

12 History playback

Function Command Reply
Smart Sleep Mode mode,1,10 Set mode1 success
Fixed Time Tracking Mode mode,2,10 Set mode2 success
Switch on By time mode,3,0830,24 Set mode3 success
No Tracking Mode mode,2,0 Set sleep mode success
Over Speed alarm speed,30,30 Set speed limit success
Set Vibration level vib,3 Set vibration sensitivity success
Remote Voice monitoring jt,0


Voice monitor closed

Voice monitor opened

Set SOS number sos,a,tel


SOS number added success

SOS number deleted success

Reset device reset,1 Device will restart after 10s
Restore device factory,1 Will restore factor setting after 10s
Wake up device wake# Device woke up success
Remote switch off/on shutdown,0


Turn on device success

Trun off device success

Set Vibration alarm vibalarm,1


Open vibration alarm success

Close vibration alarm success

Check device status check123456 P4_2019/01/02 16:26ID:866126040000241



GPS:0,V:0,T:19-3-15 4:16:25



Set Tracking Mode dw010


Set track mode success

Close track mode success

Set IP and Port adminip123456 8000 Set IP and Port success
Set Domain and Port SZCS,123456,DOMAIN= Set domain success
Check location google Google map link
Low power alarm low,1


Set battery low level alarm success

Close battery low level alarm success