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GPS Tracking Lock

Advanced GPS Tracking Lock for Container and Assets

GPS Tracking Lock

By In Blog On May 4, 2017

Please click GPS Padlock to view the latest GPS tracking lock offered by us with below pictures-Cheaper and More User friendly!

gps tracking lock   gps tracking lock

GPS Tracking Lock Features:

1 Track current location of GPS Lock

2 View history locations or traces of GPS Lock and Playback

3 Report automatically Tracking Lock status to web tracking software

4 View Tracking Lock open/close status at web tracking software

5 Keyless. No need keys to open GPS Lock

6 Alarms: Low power alarm, Dismantle alarm, Rod-cut alarm, Drop alarm

6 Location based authorization to open lock

7 Full automation: does not require authorization from control center except during emergency or exceptions


GPS Tracking Lock Specification:

Dimensions About 140mm*102mm*35mm, without key hole
Lock Rod Aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel lock rod
Power DC5V/2A
Communication GPRS (2G) and SMS communication and support NFC to open lock
Location UBLOX GPS, the precise scope of 10 meters
Alarms Low power alarm, Dismantle alarm, Rod-cut alarm, Drop alarm
Security strength High strength alloy, stainless steel lock rod embedded. Mechanical and electronic double locking. After the closure, the lock rod resistance (refers to directly stimulate the lock rod)> 100kg;
Battery Li battery 6000MA/3.6-4.2V; endurance ability >7 day (report at every 3 mins)
Storage 2M Flash, >5000 blind spot data stored
Environment Working temperature:  -30℃ to  80℃
Storage temperature: -45℃ to 85℃
Waterproof grade: IP67
Humidity: 95% non-condensing. Under humidity environmental test equipment is not damaged,
Mechanical vibration: Under the half cycle sine wave 30g acceleration shock, the GPS Tracking Lock can last 11ms without damage. Test method is consistent with IEC60068-2-2.
Random vibration: Under the environment of -30 to +70℃, at all axial directions with 3g acceleration, GPS Tracking Lock can last 2hrs without damage. Test method is consistent with IEC60068-2-53.
Electromagnetic field: Under 50V/M high magnetic strength, GPS Tracking Lock can ensure 60 secs continuous working without damage; Under 25KV electrostatic discharge, GPS Tracking Lock can work without damage.
Salt fog: GPS Tracking Lock can work at salt fog environment. Test method is consistent with IEC60068-2-11.
Emergency In the event of failure cases, user can destroy the antenna cover to pull down emergency gear to open GPS Tracking Lock. The destroyed GPS lock should be sent back to factory to repair.


GPS Lock Packing:

1 GPS Tracking Lock

1 Charging cable

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