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1 Step GPS Tracking Software Solution

To have your own server and GPS Tracking software

1 Step GPS Tracking Software Solution

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

UniGuard offers GPS tracking software solution for all clients. We not only offer GPS Tracker and GPS tracking software, we also help clients to rent servers and install our GPS tracking software on their servers.

gps tracking software soluition

Tracking Software Standard Quotation:

For the first installation, charge 4000$. (Discounts Available)

Time: Once the server is ready, 4 days is enough.

Charge: 4000$ charge include Server software installation, PC application, and free complete software installation for at most 2 times when clients server crashes or software files are deleted. We offer installation with the SAME IP only. If there is regular maintenance or support, these are included.

The returned money can be exchanged with trackers or sent back via Western Union.

We will also do free customization including Logo, and Login page.

If there is another customization, like adding more reports, or other similar functions we will charge according to the customization details.

Server Requirements (Provided by clients):


2.1 Server Hardware configuration:

Standard configuration:

Rack: 1U rack used

CPU: Quad-Core Xeon 3.0G

RAM: 4G(DDR2 & DDR3)

Hard Disk: 2 SAS Hard Disk (RAID1), each of the capacity of 512G, speed at 7200RPM (preferably 15000RPM)

This configuration can support 4,000 devices 2 months of data (device report its position in every 30 seconds, 24-hours works)

For the location information of the device, it is proposed to only maintain three months records. Please delete the older records.

2.2 Software needed for installing Tracking Software:

1.OS: it is recommended to use Windows 2008

2.Database: SQL Server 2005/2008 Enterprise Edition (need patch SP4) (We can offer copied one.)

3.Need to install IIS6.0 or later version

4.Need to install .Net FrameWork3.5

Note: step 3 and step 4 is needed for website

5.When make Firewall setting, need to open TCP port 1433 and UDP port 6800~6804 and 6900~6904.

Server Provided by us (USA High Speed Server)


CPU: Intel Atom D510

Memory: 4G

Hard disk: 1.5TB

Bandwidth: 100M

Fixed IP: 1


CPU: Intel Super Atom D525

Memory: 4G

Hard disk: 500G

Bandwidth: 100M

Fixed IP: 1

Both servers, clients can choose to pay by month, by quarter or by year.

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