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GPS Tracking Software update

Alarm and offline device management

GPS Tracking Software Updates 20160405

By In Blog On April 7, 2016

In April 6th 2016, UniGuard updates the gps tracking software for better fleet management, which is the third updates,mainly two features: Offline devices management and Alarms management

Offline devices management

After login gps tracking software under User Center, users can see a new button “Offline Management”, by clicking it will automatically show the devices offline for 3 days (Minimum is one day).

gps tracking software offline manage


  1. Car data, User data and last position are combined in one file, easy for company to deploy engineer to check problem.s
  2. User can add remarks to these offline devices.
  3. After login, no need to monitor all devices and just to check offline devices quickly
  4. Filter offline devices time by days.
  5. Export offline devices

Alarms management

This is most useful for clients who have installed gps tracking software on their own server and have a large quantity of devices to manage. For users using our server, it is also helpful for them to manage alarms at one click. Below are mainly for clients with their own servers.

gps tracking software alarm manage


  1. User monitors all alarms with a special Super account, which has no devices. This is to facilitate login speed and focus on alarms management
  2. All alarms of all devices will show without single missing
  3. All alarms show in team waiting to manage: Solved or Pending or Processing

Alarms management theory

  1. Any alarm triggered at first time shall be stored by software and show up at Alarm management page
  2. Open alarm management page to start alarm manage. All alarms fresh every 30 secs and show at most 200 in the alarm list.
  3. Alarm date is default “Today”. User can choose the required date to show alarms
  4. Every solved alarm shall be deleted from alarm list.


All these features will be updated to clients ‘software FREE!

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