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GPS Tracking Tag

GPS Tracker without using SIM card

GPS Tracking Tag

By In Blog On January 16, 2024

GPS tracking tag is a newly designed tracking device. Its working theory is almost same as Apple Airtag. It does not need SIM card but it can work all over the world as long as there is Iphones around it. Its battery can last more than 8 months.

GPS tracker Tag works by connecting with the Iphone by Bluetooth. It can work as a anti-lost GPS tracker for assets and people. Note: (Find My Network Anti-Lost Device requires iphoneSE.iPhone 6s or later, or iPod touch (7th generation) with iOS 14.5 or later, or ipad Pro with iPadOS 14.5 or later.)  iPad (5th generation or later).ipad air2 or later, iPad mini4 or later. (Same as Airtag)).

Electrical Information

  1. Working voltage: 2.0V-3.3V, support power detection, you can check the power display through the search APP
  2. Battery parameters: capacity 240MAH, operating temperature -10 ~ 65 degrees, working humidity 60%±15%
  3. Power consumption: The average power consumption in the sleep state is less than 1UA
Power Consumption Test report
1 Status Charger connection Power
2 OFF 0.5 UA avg.
3 ON, paired for 5s 2 mA avg.
4 ON, paired for 3 min No operation 71 UA avg.
5 Connected with charger Connect and disconnect 10 times 2.2 MH avg.
6 Turn ON Searching 65 UA avg.
  1. RF performance:

Transmitting power: 4dbm, the mobile phone can scan the new device within 1 meter, and the side connection is successful, after the binding leaves, other iphones within 10 meters can report the information normally, in the lost mode, the third party can identify the new material, and the binding and unbinding status is normal.

  1. Working temperature: -10°C~65°C (no abnormality in 48 hours test)
  2. Storage temperature: -10°C~55°C (no abnormality was found after 7 days of storage at 65°C)
  3. Working humidity≤85% (no abnormality in 96 hours test)
  4. Storage humidity ≤ 75% (humidity 85% storage for 7 days without abnormality)

No SIM Card Needed

GPS Tag tracking device does not need SIM. Normal GPS tracker needs to work with SIM card.

  • Save SIM card monthly subscription. GPS tracker needs data bundle to work and some needs SMS or Call, which are more expensive.
  • Work all over the word. GPS tracker has 2G and 4G version. Some countries does not support 2G anymore, while 4G GPS tracker is far more expensive, not to mention the SIM card cost.
  • GPS tracker needs to work at open place where there is GPS signal. It cannot work or give accurate position inside house.
  • GPS tracker cannot work at places where there is no GSM coverage

A Perfect GPS tracker for Dementia, Easy to Wear

  • Dementia / Alzheimer/s tracking (for those who wander / the elderly)
  • Adults work late
  • Lone workers

The best GPS tracker for Keyrings – Discrete

Most gps trackers in market are big, heavy and ugly to ear. This stylish, lightweight, and easy to wear dementia tracker can be worn as a keychain in a bag.

A Small  GPS Tracking Tag with 8 months Battery

GPS tracking device for people in market normally comes with 400mah to 1000mAH battery. By different tracking intervals, a 1000 mAh battery can last 10 days at power saving mode.

  • Too small battery. A 400 mah battery device at most last 4 days.
  • Too large battery. 1000 mAh battery is good enough to last longer, however it is too heavy to carry with. We want give the loved safe not burden
  • UniGuard micro tracking jewelry uses imported Sony or Philips CR2302 coin size battery.
  • A coin size battery can last over 8 months! Never need worry about battery charging.

Water and Dust Resistant

UniGuard wearable gps tracker jewelry is water and dust resistant, giving more peace of mind.

  • Best gps tracking keyring is water and dust resistant to IP67 standard.
  • Protected against water and sweet.
  • It is not advised to take a bath while wearing the device

Competitive Cost

Buy a GPS tracker will need by extra SIM card. There could be also monthly subscription charge (Free to download APP but need pay monthly subscription cost.) Even no APP monthly subscription charge, there is monthly SIM card subscription charge. There is always a future cost

  • No APP charge. Free to download APP
  • No monthly APP subscription charge. There is no need to charge on this.
  • No SIM monthly subscription charge, since it does not need SIM card.
  • Low cost. Its cost is much lower compared to GPS tracker

Wide Application

GPS tag tracker is a perfect tool for keeping people safe while wear as a gps keychain , it can be used in my more areas to safe life because of its small size and long battery life.

  • Embedded in bike handle for bikers
  • Embedded in umbrella for daily usage
  • Embedded in bag or wallet
  • Embedded in pepper spray
  • Embedded in stun gun
gps tracking tag
gps tracking tag

FAQ about GPS Tracking Tag

1 Any smart phones can work with GPS tracking tag?

Only IOS phone can work with it.

2 Is the wearable gps tracker jewelry waterproof?

It is sweat and weather resistant, so it could be fine if you caught in rain or if you are sweating while work, but do not recommend wearing it in the shower or submerging it in water.

3 Do I need to charge the battery?

No. It is designed to have a long lasting battery life around 8 months. After battery dying out, you can replace it.

4 Do I have to have my cell phone with me?

YES. The tag gps must work with the Bluetooth-paried phone.

7 Does this gps jewelry work globally?

YES. It works all over the word. When the GPS tracking tag is lost, it will automatially connect Iphones around and send back its location on APP.

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