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By In Blog On June 28, 2018

The UniGuard hidden GPS tracker for car is an awesome vehicle tracking device if you want a GPS tracker that is easy to Use, Hide, and Track. The hidden tracking device for cars is mainly used for bank-financed cars to avoid fraud or stolen. A hidden GPS tracker is a helpful GPS tracking device to recover stolen vehicles compared to a normal real-time GPS tracking system.

Before discussing how a GPS tracker can be hidden, let’s see how people normally find the hidden gps tracker on their car.

Ways to find a hidden GPS tracking device for car:

1 Perform an exterior inspection

Use tools like a flashlight or mirror to check areas like the wheel or under the vehicle

2 Perform an interior inspection

Check areas like the trunk or under the seat or any place that can hide a GPS car tracker

3 Sweep the vehicle with a GPS tracking detector

GPS tracker needs both GPS and GSM signals to perform, which means once a GPS tracking detector can detect either GPS or GSM, you can find out the hidden GPS for the car.

4 Seek professional help

Technicians specializing in automotive electronics, car audio and car alarms can easily help locate devices that not original on vehicle.

As mentioned at first paragraph the main purpose of hidden tracking device is to recover stolen vehicle, so the thief will never find a real hiddden GPS with above ways.

1 An exterior inspection cannot find it

Hidden GPS tracker for car is hidden at places where the eyes cannot see or notice or touch it. The installer shall never put a hidden vehicle GPS tracker at exterior points which is to easy to be found out, and then removed from the vehicle.

2 An interior inspection cannot find it

Car is large compared to the size of a hidden gps car tracker. There are hundreds of places available for covering the gps tracker. Only the guy who put the device shall find it fast otherwise you will need dozens of hrs to find it out, during which the thief is already caught by police.

3 GPS tracking detector cannot find it

Though hidden gps locator also uses GPS and GSM signal which puts itself in danger of being detect by GPS tracking detector, it just reports 1 or 2 point a day which means there are only 2 chances for it to be located a day. Same as above, while the thief is trying to detect the GPS tracker, the policy is on the way.

4 Professional help does not work

Technicians can help identify devices that have wires connection with vehicle, while hidden vehicle GPS tracker has no wire connection with vehicle at all.

Best hidden GPS tracker must have below features:

A hidden tracking device still performs no matter where it is placed, and it does not need wire connection with vehicle for power supply.

1 Installation free

Undetectable GPS tracker must be wireless gps tracker so it can be hide at any place in the car. Most importantly anyone can do it! Wired GPS tracker, no matter with built-in antenna or external antenna, can be easily located by professional thief.

2 Small enough

Big size gps tracking unit is not easy to hide and 100% increase the chances to be found by thieves. Metal type GPS tracker with external antenna are always big and these big metal gps vehicle tracker shall not be called hidden GPS vehicle tracker at all! They are too easy to be found out.

3 Waterproof

For users that only need know vehicle or container location once a time, they may just put the hidden gps tracker under or on the roof of car. In this case, it must be waterproof so as to avoid rain or muddy roads.

4 Strong Magnet

Since car tracker hidden is placed randomly in car to be not easy found out, it must have strong magnet to stick to car body so as not to go loose if put beneath the car.

5 Powerful battery

Hidden gps tracker has no wire connection with vehicle so it works on its own power supply. Solar power is impossible as it means we put the device in the eye of thieves. Hidden gps vehicle tracker normally use large Li-ion or dry batteries. Dry batteries powered gps tracking device can last over 2 years with 5000mAh capacity. Li-ion battery powered gps tracking locator can last over 3 months to 1 year depending on battery capacity from 6000mA to 20,000mAh.

6 Battery status display

Due to different usage, the batteries consumption differs. It is important to know the current battery status to replace battery in time and avoid run-out.

Is the hottest hidden GPS tracker REAL?

Google hidden gps tracker for car, a personal or portable GPS tracker GL300 appears at top pages. However, GL300 has nothing to do with hidden tracker.

1 It is not waterproof

To make GL300 water proof, you will need buy an extra case.

2 It has no magnet

To make GL300 magnetic, you will also need buy an extra case.

3 Its battery does not last long enough

Its battery last only 2 week which mean frequent charging is required which means much labor costs shall be used to replace the battery.

4 It is not cheap!!!

Its cost is 49.95 USD, and the magnetic waterproof case is 29.95 USD. To make it last 6 months the total cost will be high upto 179.95 USD.
hidden gps tracker for car

What hidden tracking device we offer?

1 Wireless magnetic hidden GPS Tracker UM666 with 3 years battery life.
magnetic gps tracker um666

UM666 has a powerful dry battery which makes it last over 3 years at 1 point 1 day.

2 Wireless  GPS tracker UM340
best magnetic gps tracker

UM3400 comes with 3400mAh rechargeable battery. At power saving mode, its battery can last 40 days. It also supports remote voice monitoring and voice recording.

3 Wireless magnet GPS tracker PG10
spy gps tracker

PG10 is a super small GPS tracking device with 800mah battery. It supports remote voice monitoring and reocording. Recording method has: Voice Trigger Recording, Shock Trigger Recording.

4 Another hidden gps tracker we propose is the GPS Relay LK720
hidden gps tracker for car

GPS relay is a pure relay with GPS tracking feature and remote engine immobilize. It is easy to hide and hardly for people to think it as a GPS tracking unit. Compared to wireless magnet devices, GPS Relay LK720 will need professional installation, it is not a throw and working hidden gps tracker for car.

All the 4 types of hidden tracker support web tracking and app tracking. See the client testimony.

hidden gps tracker for car

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