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Home Solar Power System

Home Solar Power Kit for Emergency and Camp

Home Solar Power System

By In Blog On June 2, 2017

home solar power systemhome solar power system
The home solar power system not only illuminate your home or business but also ensure your mobile battery never runs out, which makes it a perfect partner for emergency light usage and camp. The multi-USB cable enabled the home solar power system comes with phone battery charging at 5V and support all kinds of android phones. Just connect the solar panel, charge it in the sun, and plug in your mobile device through the proper USB port. The solar power system has a sturdy, rugged design to ensure that it works at harsh environment and always ensure you have the light for house and the power for mobile devices.

Home Solar Power System Highlights:

Keeping you connected: the home solar power system is very easy to use. Just plug the solar panel into the charger unit, charge the unit during the day, and connect your mobile device to it. Save money and time.

Never loose light: the home solar power kit offers 200hr lighting endurance after full charge.

Solar LED Lantern Specifications:
home solar power system

Home Solar Power Kit Package:

Solar Panel 1pc

Main unit 1pc

Multi-port USB Cable 1pc

LED Bulb 3pcs or 4 pcs

Home Solar Power System Price:

3 bulbs: MOQ=20 pcs, per unit price is 22.25 USD

4 bulbs: MOQ=20 pcs, per unit price is 26.25 USD

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