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GPS tracking business

How to start GPS tracking business

How to start gps tracking business?

By In Blog On December 15, 2015

2015 is ending which is a stagnant year for GPS tracking business, which is same for all others, due to worldwide slow economy, strong US dollars, various conflicts, growing labor costs, etc. However 2016, the new year is coming. Business seems to grow up at the end of 2015, which promises a new and fruitful year ahead.

HERE is the most asked question:

I want to start or interested in GPS tracking business, however it is new to me. What do I need to know or do?

No one is born to know anything. For everyone, when they come to a new area, they will have to start learn about it from the beginning. GPS tracking business is the same.

  1. Analyze local market

This is the first and most important thing to find out before moving on, although GPS tracking business is needed everywhere as long as there are vehicles running and human living, from below respects:

A.What price is most welcome locally?
Price is the most important factor in deciding starting a business, since price changes a lot and price decides quality. Especially in GPS tracking business, GPS tracker price ranges from 10 USD to 100+ USD for different functions and usage.

B.What functions are most welcome locally?
GPS tracking system is composed of at least 2 parts: GPS tracker and Web tracking system. GPS tracker has dozens of different functions with help of different optional accessories, like temperature sensor, fuel sensor, RIFD, camera, etc, while Web tracking system has more then 100+ different functions, in which the basic are real time tracking, history playback, report, geo-fencing, etc.

C.Who are your potential or targeted customers?
Everyone and everything needs GPS tracking solution. No matter it is a truck or a taxi, no matter it is a worker or a kid, no matter it is a computer or a phone, GPS tracking system will be their need for management, monitoring and security. However, you need find from those above and make them your target. You cannot sell to everyone.


  1. Know the technology

No one can sell without knowing what he sells. In other word, no one will buy things from you if even you yourself do not understand it. Knowledge is super important for a fresher.

A.GPS tracking technology is easy.
Why GPS trackers sell a lot? One of the most important reasons is it is easy to understand and use. We do not need know how GPS satellites works or how GSM signal works. We just need know if the GPS tracker has or not GPS or GSM signal from the LED or SMS commands. If you know how to make a phone work, then you know how to make a GPS tracker function.

B.No professional installer is required.
For personal GPS tracker, it is much easier that Insert SIM and Play. Vehicle trackers are needed to either install or place on vehicle. Do I need to be a professional car engineer to install it? Not actually. For basic GPS vehicle tracker, there are only 3 wires to connect: Power+, Power- and ACC. Also, we have very detailed manual to help clients to understand installation.

C.Buy samples and test.
Operation is always the best teacher. Get a GPS tracker to play with is far better than watching videos or files. First, you can learn how to make a GPS tracker work, how to setup and how to install. Second, you can test the device quality. Third, you can show demos to your potential customers, to which fact speaks louder then word.

If you are interested to start a GPS tracker business, do not hesitate. Contact UniGuard and BUY Samples. Email contact [email protected]


  • Amila 7 YEARS AGO

    Hi, Please send me a quotation for GPS Tracking system with sample unit prices. Thanks Best Regards Amila

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      hello Amila,good day. the email has been sent. hope we can do more business in gps tracking device.

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    Hi, Please send me a quotation for GPS Tracking system with sample unit prices.epecially the 3G/4G video traking and the fuel tracking Thanks Best Regards tolu

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    Hi, Please send me a quotation for GPS Tracking system with sample unit prices. Thanks Best Regards