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Installation of GPS and GSM antenna

Places to install GPS antenna and GSM antenna of GPS Tracker

How to Install GPS and GSM antenna of GPS Tracker

By In Blog On May 11, 2016

Considering antennas, GPS tracker for remotely vehicle tracking and locating is divided into 2 part: GPS tracker with builtin antennas and GPS tracker with external antenna. For GPS tracking device with external antenna, mainly GPS antenna and GSM antenna, installer not only has to find covert place for GPS tracker main body but also places for hiding GPS/GSM antennas. How to install GPS and GSM antenna effectively?

1 GSM antenna installation

GSM signal is always good compared to GPS signal, which ensures that GSM antenna does not require to face sky or somehow. You can put it around the corners of dashboard and around roof window if there is. In order to be more hidden, GSM antenna can also be hide inside the plastic intern-layer of A column.

gsm antenna installationgsm antenna inside A colomn

2 GPS antenna

GPS signal is got from 24 satellites which compose Global Positioning System. A GPS tracker must obtain at least 3 satellites to get the accurate coordinates and locate it. It is always suggested to put GPS antenna at open place for better satellite view and hide the wires in vehicle plastic layer.

gps antenna installation

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