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GPS Tracker with UHF Reader

GPS Tracker with UHF Reader FOR fleet management

IOT: GPS Tracker with UHF Reader

By In Blog On November 16, 2017

Internet of things is the trend and future of all things. GPS GPRS SMS tracker which connects fleets of vehicles to web tracking system, so we can track, monitor and manage the fleets, receive real time alerts, and remote immobilize vehicle in case of theft or other emergencies.

Recently, upon the client request, we opened a new project using GPS tracker UT04 + UHF RFID, which includes Authorized driver and Authorized vehicle.

5 Meter UHF RFID Long Range Card Reader Details

5Meter Long Range Proximity Reader – Application:

1 Logistics and Warehouse management;
2 Parking control system;
3 Manufacturing management;
4 Products anti-counterfeiting detection;
5 Other field: club management,library,student schoolrolls,

attendence management and swimming pool system etc.

Long Range Proximity RFID UHF Reader – Specification

 Working Frequency Nationalstandard(920~925MHz),

America standard (902~928MHz),or customize other frequency

Support Protocol ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)
Frequency Hopping FHSS or fixed frequency set by software
Working Way automatically reading card at regular time,can set reading card way.
Frequency Power 0~30dBm,be adjusted by software
Reading Distance 1~5M
Reading Sensitivity dual polarization reading
Reading Speed one label 64 bit ID number < 6ms
Antenna build-in circular polarization antenna,

gain 8dB /build-in linear polarization antenna,gain 12dBi

Interface RS485,RS232,Wiegand26,Wiegand34,RJ45
Working Voltage DC+12V
Working Status Indication buzzer
Power 1W
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +125°C
Working Humidity 20%  ~  95%(no condensing)
Dimension 227mm× 227mm× 60mm

Long Range Proximity Reader – Signal Definition:

 Port Cable Color Function
DC+12V Red +9V~15V positive
GND black Negative
TXD brown RS232 signal output (PIN2)
RXD Yellow RS232 signal input (PIN3)
GND Blue RS232 grounding (PIN5)
Triger Gray Trig pin
DATA0/485A+ Green Wiegand data 0 or 485 interface positive port
DATA1/485B- white Wiegand data 1 or or 485 interface negative port

GPS Tracker with UHF Reader Applications:

1 Asset Transport, like fuel or other treasure

2 Security Transport, like cash

3 Company fleet that ensure each vehicle with authorized driver

Please find below pictures to learn more about the features.
GPS Tracker & UHF RFID Reader
GPS Tracker with UHF RFID
GPS Tracker with UHF RFID
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