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Key Considerations For GPS Bike Trackers

By In Blog On January 24, 2018

gps bike trackers
Photo by Asya Vee on Unsplash

Bike theft is a pretty big problem across the USA. In 2014, the last time statistics were published, the FBI reported that over 210,000 bike thefts – and this figure is probably underreported. With many city governments unconcerned about bike theft, or unable to implement theft prevention schemes, it often falls to the bike owner to guarantee vehicle safety. 

GPS can play a key part in this. With devices affordable and widespread, and device to email integration very common, it’s straightforward to protect your bike using GPS. What you need to consider, however, is the type of device you opt for. 

Invisible Devices 

One of the more straightforward and easily installed ways to use GPS to protect your bike is through using a small device, often implanted into a handlebar or other nondescript area of the bike. It can also be camouflaged, taking the same appearance as other parts of the mechanics of your bike. The idea is that it can’t be removed and will provide a solid trackingpoint for when you attempt to find where your bike has got to.

 Obvious Devices 

Another way to protect your bike is to go the other way and go for a deliberately ostentatious and large device. This will tell bike thieves that your bike is protected and not to consider stealing it, as they will know you will be able to track it. The downside here is that any device can be removed once spotted; however, GPS companies will offer devices that are extremely difficult to break and require the use of bespoke tools or a specific, expensive fitting, to remove them. 

Smart Locks 

Slightly different but still using GPS for tracking, smart locks will notify you if they have been altered with and tell you their location. If a thief has made off with your bike with the lock in tow, you will be able to track them. If not, and you are nearby, you will be able to respond accordingly before it’s too late. These can be beneficial for those with less money to spend, or who prefer to minimize the addons to their actual bike. 

Protecting your bike using GPS is a novel and effective way to manage your property. If you make sure you choose the right product, you’ll be on the road to secure ownership.

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