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Know How to Buy Your Next Motorbike GPS Tracker

By In Blog On November 8, 2016

If you have a motorbike, then safeguarding it from vandalism or theft is essential especially in this current scenario where the increasing rate of burglary has became a headache. Bike equipment expenditures are on the higher side and bike itself is costly. Getting your new bike stole could be a huge loss and insurance firms recognize this by asking for higher premiums for bikes without GPS trackers. If you looking to buy a motorbike GPS tracker below mentioned are few things to take into account:


Buy a tracker that’s small & pretty discreet in nature. The last thing you’d wish is a heavy large tracking tool that’s noticeable to the onlookers. It should be tiny, discreet and obviously lightweight. On a bike there’re not many places where you can fit a GPS tracker without being noticed. So, keep it small and discreet!

Precise Data:

Motorbike trackers should detain info precisely. Bike can move at different speed, so understanding how quick your motorbike is moving is very important. If you’ve a fleet of motorbikes, knowing its area at any specific moment is essential to your business.

Real-time Tracker:

Buy a tracking tool that offers you real-time info. If your motorbike gets vandalized, you should be capable of tracking it instantly. There’re some gadgets that could be traced online with frequent alert updates through text or e-mail. Law enforcement suggests a dependable tracking tool that can offer important location data instantly.


The lifespan of your tracking device is very important in case of your bike gets stolen. Try to look for a bike GPS tracker that offers a minimum of 4 to five days battery lifespan without recharge.


If you’re a business wishing to trace a fleet of motorbikes or a wife looking to trace a cheating husband, you can initiate limitations where the trackers shouldn’t move out of- known as geo-fencing. And with predefined geo-fenced locations, when the bike moves out of the location, you’ll be alerted immediately.

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