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By In Blog On March 5, 2015

GPSPOS is one of the most advanced GPS web tracking software in the world with multi-functions and reports. It supports not only web tracking system but also Phone based tracking app suitable for any phone iPHONE or Android. Also, with user friendly interface, any person professional or fresh person can manage the software smoothly including creating unlimited user accounts and assigning vehicles.

GPS Web Tracking Software mainly has below 11 big parts:
Track and Locate
Control and Command
Configure and Set
Real time alarm reminder
Advanced Geo-fence
History report and Playback
Multiple Reports
Vehicle management
User account management
User friendly features

Track and Locate
1. Asset name
2. Device ID
3. Time
4. Address
5. Device stat: Valid/Invalid location
6. Asset status: Engine status/door status/shock
7. Alarm state: SOS/over-speed/main power cut off/geo-fence alarm
8. Speed
9. Fuel consumption
10. Mileage
11. Temperature
12. GPS signal
13. GSM signal
14. Direction
15. Latitude
16. Longitude

Control and Command
1. Remotely fuel/electricity cut to immobilize engine
2. Remotely reboot device
3. Remotely reset device
4. Take photo
5. Set voice monitoring number
6. Send SMS dispatch message
7. Vehicle maintenance notice
8. RFID card for driver identification
9. Swipe RFID card to turn on device
10. Current driver RFID identification data display
11. Set speed limit
12. Set fuel tank volume
13. Set temperature upper/lower limit
14. Set email to receive alarm message.

Configure and Set
1. GPRS reporting interval
2. Speed limit
3. Initial mileage
4. Fuel tank capacity

Real time alarm reminder
When any alarm is triggered,
1. All alarms will pop-up at the right bottom with alarm voice
2. Send alarm message to 3 preset phone numbers
3. Send alarm emails to 3 different preset mailbox

Advanced Geo-fence
Alarm notice when vehicles enter into or out different areas various shape geo-fence
A. Round area geo-fence
B. Rectangle area geo-fence
C. Polygon area geo-fence
D. Route/Lane type geo-fence (Route deviation alarm)
2.Set bus stop as fence so as to manage bus entrance and exit

History report and Playback
1. History report with address name and detailed vehicle information
2. History playback in video format—Forward/Backwards
3. History playback and report with selected period
4. Show vehicle past traces
5. Show vehicle past detailed status including all the Track and Locate details.

Multiple Reports
Reports contain following information: Car Plate NO., Time, Address, Alarm, Engine/Door/Shock status, Speed, Fuel, Mileage, Temperature, GPS/GSM signal value, Direction, Coordinates.
Position Report
1. Detailed Trip report
2. Last position report.
3. Historic photo report.
4. Pass-by location report.
5. Parking report.
6. DIY Parking report.
7. Driving report.
8. Working hours report.
9. Daily stat. report.

RFID report
1. RFID historic records
2. RFID stat. report
3. RFID last record
4. Current user RFID information

Speed Report
1. Speed stat. chart
2. Speed stat. report
3. Fatigue driving report
4. Idle speed report

Vehicle Status
1. Engine On/Off report
2. Door open/close report
3. Shock report

Mileage Report
1. Daily mileage stat. chart
2. Mileage stat. Chart
3. Mileage vs Fuel cost

Fuel Report
1. Fuel add/leak stat. report
2. Fuel stat. report per 100km
3. Fuel location report
4. Fuel consumption vs mileage report
5. Fuel consumption percentage chart
6. Fuel consumption volume chart
7. Fuel Mileage Speed chart

Temperature Report
1. Temp stat. chart
2. Temp stat. report

Geo-fence report
1. Moving-in alarm report
2. Moving-out alarm report
3. In/out fence alarm report
4. In/out station detailed report
5. In/out station stat. report

Detailed alarm report
1. All alarms report
2. Emergency alarm report
3. Over speed alarm report
4. Main Power cut alarm report
5. Oil cut alarm report
6. Electricity cut alarm report
7. Crash accident alarm report
8. Car battery low voltage alert report
9. Emergency help report
10. Information service help report
11. Original car alarm alert report
12. Fatigue driving report
13. Engine idle alert report
14. Towing alert report
15. Driving forbidden time report
16. Temp. high alert report
17. Temp. low alert report
18. Fuel theft report
19. Illegal engine start report
20. Ignition alarm report
21. Door open alarm report
22. Shock alarm report
23. Car theft alarm report
24. Arrearage alarm report

Business report
1. Vehicle maintenance notice
2. Vehicle maintenance reminder history report
3. Vehicle Refuel stat.
4. Vehicle Mileage cost report
5. Vehicle GPRS message log

Report output format
1. Html file
2. Word file
3. Excel file
4. History trace support KML file, suitable for importing to Google Earth

Map type:
1. Google Map (including street map / satellite map / hybrid map / topographic map.)
2. Google street view.
3. Bing Map (including street map / satellite map / hybrid map.)
4. ArcGIS Map (including street map / satellite map / hybrid map / topographic map.)
5. Open Street map.
6. Add client’s country map

Map tool
1. Display any position coordinate.
2. Map scale.
3. Measure distance between two points.
4. Measure the map polygon area.
5. Navigation planning for route between start and destination.
6. Search address on map according to Latitude and Longitude.
7. Search location according to key word.

Map monitoring
1. Switch among different maps.
2. Monitor multi-vehicle simultaneously on single map window.
3. Monitor multi-vehicles on multi-map windows, 1 map window 1 vehicle
4. Track specified vehicle on any map.
5. Different colors for different vehicle traces.

Account management
Account management
1. 3 levels user account management:
A. System administrator: maintain system, it can create super account.
B. Super account: Create user account, and has privilege to manage all sub-accounts and vehicles
C. User account.
2. Control quantity of sub-accounts and quantity o f vehicles.

Account privilege management
System administrator can control the user’s privilege as below:
1. Quantity of user accounts that super account can create.
2. Quantity of Vehicles that the user can add.
3. Edit vehicle info.
4. Delete vehicle.
5. Edit user info.
6. Send vehicle maintain notice.
7. Send locate command.
8. Send voice monitor number.
9. Take photo.
10. Send SMS.
11. Fuel supply control.
12. Reboot device.
13. Reset device.
14. Set GPRS time interval.
15. Set speed limit.
16. Set initial mileage.
17. Set vehicle fuel tank capacity.
18. Set server IP, port.
19. Set SOS notification number.
Vehicle management
Vehicle information
1. Each vehicle has detailed data.
2. Vehicle could be distributed among user accounts by super account.
3. All vehicle parameters could be configured and managed together.
4. Different vehicle icons.
5. In vehicle list, each vehicle’s real time status is shown.

Vehicle assignment/grouping
1. Assign vehicles according to sub-account.
2. Search vehicle according to any field of vehicle data.
3. Group vehicles according to any status:
A. Driving.
B. Stopping.
C. Alarm.
D. Invalid location.
E. Non-located.
F. Real time display.
G. Non-real time display.
H. Monitored.
I. Unmonitored.

User friendly features
1. Full screen
2. Color difference to show vehicle different status
3. Print current page

1. Double password confirmation while sending command from web to device
2. Set alarm automatic pop out or not, with or without sound
3. Vehicle location status auto show when mouse is placed on vehicle icon

1. Vehicle state.
A. Total amount
B. Monitored amount
C. Unmonitored amount
D. Real time display amount
E. Non-real time display amount
F. Located amount
G. Non-located amount
2. Alarm amount
3. Point of interest
4. User operation log

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