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Parking Location Finder

Find my parked car

Parking Location Finder

By In Blog On June 15, 2018

parking location finderparking location finder
It is always frustrating to forget where the car was parked at a large parking lot on which we have wished for a device that would locate the car. Though there are numerous way to find my parked car, here is a cool parking location finder to help find car in a car parking lot.

Its name is one key car finder, plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and communicates with your phone (IOS/Android) APP with Bluetooth connection to show where your vehicle is parked. The APP is free and its name is ipark.

With parking location finder, drivers who always forget where the car is parked or the car is parked at a large parking lot will easily find their car. When the car is parked and the engine is turned off, the ipark app shall automatically save the parking spot. When the driver wants to find the car, just open the app and click “Take Me To My Car”, the vehicle current location shall show up on the pop-out map (map installed on your phone), then click Navigate.
parking location finderparking location finderparking location finder

The parking location finder also has a function of Set Time, which is used to remind driver the parking time is running out, helping them avoid unnecessary fines.

Find my car parking lot device comes with 2 USB port so you can charge your phone and pad at same time. More importantly, it has intelligent voltage output to suit different electronics. With the LED, the car battery current voltage shall show up.

FAQ about parking location finder:

1 Is internet needed to locate my device?

Internet connection is not needed since the APP uses Bluetooth connection to your phone, and the vehicle parking location is stored on the ipark app already for navigating to the parking place.

2 Is the device safe to charge my phone and other electronics?

It is safe since it has smart voltage output to suit phone or pads. Also it supports over-head, over-current, over-voltage protection.

3 Can it work underground?

Underground places have no GPS signal so it is not easy to locate or give accurate

Detailed Features of parking location finder:

1 Dual USB Charging port

2 Charging voltage display

3 Widely use for 12-24V vehicles. Heavy equipment real battery working voltage is normally higher then 24V, usage on them is not suggested

4 Intelligent heat dismission

5 Intelligent charging port for phone, pads, mp3, psp and other electronics

6 Support protection of over-charge, over-current, circuit, over-load, over-voltage, and over-temp

7 Support once click to find car location.

How to find my car?

1 Search iPark at Google Play and APPstore to download and install

2 Insert car charger, and device shall send Bluetooth signal

3 Open Bluetooth on your phone and connect with car charger

(Follow the iPark app to continue for first usage)

4 When car is parked, open iPark to record current location

5 When to find car, open iPark, click Go to my car, then follow the traces

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