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Portable GPS Tracker丨Mini GPS Tracker DIY

Portable GPS Tracker

Portable GPS Tracker

By In Blog On May 15, 2014

Portable GPS tracker UP102 is compact, portable and durable. It is widely used for real time personal and assets tracking in various areas for security and monitoring purposes. With below small DIY, it goes powerful.

DIY 1-Used in Police Department for supervision of bail people

Requirements: The GPS tracking device is installed covertly under vehicle, and can be uninstalled any time. Battery should last for at least 10 days.


Tracker: Mini GPS Tracker UP102 + External 10000 mA battery + Strong Magnetic Box

DIY2-GPS Car tracker or GPS Motorbike tracker

With connection of external power wire via USB port, UP102 is cable of vehicle tracking. Power wire picture is as below:


DIY3-GPS car tracker via cigarette lighter connection

With connection of cigarette lighter charger via USB port, UP102 is used for real time vehicle tracking, and users can take UP102 away anytime if needed. Cigarette lighter charger picture as below:

cigarette lighter charger


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