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By In Blog On March 26, 2014

UniGuard always put client’s requirements at top priority and find the best solution with our high, fast and professional technology support. According to the client’s project requirements, we fully completed the following programming on our GPS tracker UT04. Our engineer teams spent 2 whole days on writing new program and testing which is much faster then promised 5 days. We dare claim that no other company can do such complex customization so efficiently and without extra charge.

1. Extend E-fencing distance to 200 KM. Default maximum distances is 5KM.

2. Main power cut alarm should be controllable. It means that if tracker is disconnected from vehicle battery, tracker shall send alarm message. Meanwhile, control center can send SMS command to deactivate main power cut alarm.

SMS commands:

Alarm ON: A000000,102,1

Alarm OFF: A000000,102,0 (default)

3. Add buzzer for over speed alarm, and buzzer should be controllable. It means that if there is over speed alarm, buzzer will make sound to remind driver. Meanwhile, control center can send SMS command to deactivate buzzer.

Buzzer ON: A000000,103,1

Buzzer OFF: A000000,103,0 (default)

4. Authorized driving by RFID card scan and authorization should be controllable. It means that driver must scan RFID card before starting engine, otherwise engine will not start even he has the key. However, if driver forgets to take his card and avoids time waste, control center can send SMS command to deactivate card scan so as to enable drive without scan.

Scan ON: A000000,101,1

Scan OFF: A000000,102,0 (default)

5. Authorized driving and all cards can work with all vehicles. Normally speaking, a RFID reader at most supports 6 RFID cards. Now, client wants all the 200 cards to work with all the 200 trackers. It means that no matter which card the driver takes, he can use it to drive any vehicle that is installed with tracker and RFID reader. Our idea is to make the 200 cards possess same ID number, and make all the trackers recognize the only ID number.

Command to set ID number to tracker:

A000000,097,1,ID number

E.g. If ID number is 8888888888, send command A000000,097,1,8888888888 to each tracker

To perfect our job, we add one more command to check configuration checking. Sending this command makes control center know if main power cut alarm, buzzer and RFID card scan is ON or OFF, and what is the card ID number.





Data: 1-0000000000

1 means the alarm is ON. 0 means the alarm is OFF

0000000000 means the card ID number

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