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Camera Image Monitoring

Steps to take photo and view pictures

How Camera Image Monitoring Work?

By In Blog On March 27, 2014

Please follow below steps to use UT04 camera function to activate remote image monitoring(camera connected)

1.Send following commands to connect UT04 to tracking centre
Set IP:A000000,010,,6903
Open GPRS: A000000,011,1
Set APN:A000000,012,APN

2.Send A000000,019,1 to open camera (A000000,019,0 is to close)

3.Log in tracking centre with Admin account, double click to choose the device, choose Capture Image to command tracker.

send command

4.View the taken photos

view image

5.Customization. Set an interval to let tracker take photo according to the interval. E.g. Tracker takes a photo every 10 mintues.

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