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TKSTAR GPS Tracker Price,Setup,Login, APP and User Manual

TKstar GPS Tracker

By In Blog On January 4, 2017

TKstar GPS tracker is hot in the gps tracking devices market and seems to be a brand because of its hot sales. Let’s do some tkstar gps tracker review and know it better.

Why TKstar GPS tracker is hot in market?


TKstar GPS tracker price is low in market and it is known to all China suppliers. Spending 20 to 30 USD, you can get a such tracking device.

2 Easy hardware

Tkstar GPS tracker do not support advanced features like image monitoring, fuel monitoring or RFID driver behavior monitoring, and they support only basic tracking features including, real time location tracking, over speed alarm, SOS alarm, remote voice monitoring, remote engine immobilize.

3 Easy software

Just because TKstar GPS tracker does not support many features, the software supporting them is very easy to use with very limited features: Real time tracking on Google map, Device management, history playback, mileage report, over speed details, alarm report, geo-fence alarms. And the geo-fence supports only one circle area.

For individual users, these features are fair enough to use since they do not need detailed reports to check vehicle monthly status report, fuel consumption reports, etc.

Who owns Tkstar GPS tracker brand?

By searching “TKstar GPS tracker”on Google, tow companies website shall show up as picture attached:
tkstar gps tracker
To search brand in China, the brand seems to belong to the later company. The TKSTAR brand is applied in 2014-09-24 and it is still under investigation, which means TKSTAR is not a brand yet and no one owns it.
tkstar gps tracker

Is TKSTAR a series of product?

TKstar at first just means the only device as below attached. The below device owns the name and it is called TKSTAR, so there is no so called tkstar pet gps tracker or tkstar vehicle gps tracker. Before there is this TKstar GPS tracker, GPS personal tracker or portable GPS tracker is few in market and the best seller in market is TK102b gps tracker, which has two versions in market. However, tk102b gps tracker is not water proof and its design is not fashionable, though TK102b is half price of TKstar at 15 to 20 USD.
tk star gps tracker

How does TKSTAR GPS Tracker login GPS tracking software?

Since TKstar gps tracker is hot in market, users can choose different gps tracking softwares and create account to login and track tkstar gps tracker, like those GPSWOX, GPS-SERVER, GPS-TRACE, GPSGATE, etc. However, these gps tracking software either charge or free account supports track single vehicle only. For the mentioned 2 suppliers themselves, the platform has below login page and you can use the DEMO account to check the features.
tkstar gps tracker login

tkstar gps tracker login
However, both are using same GPS tracking software having below screenshot. Also, users can choose to track via tkstar gps app in order to track devices on phone, which is helpful to track your assets any time anywhere.
tkstar gps tracker login

What is TKstar GPS tracker setup to work online?

In order to work online, users need setup tkstar GPS tracker with proper IP and Port. Our advanced gps tracking software support this tracker as well. If you are using other platforms, please just replace the IP and Port, the SMS command format is as below:

adminip123456 8000

Actually, this setup format is same as TK series GPS tracker, to setup GPS tracker TK102 and TK103 on our gps tracking software, the SMS command format is as below:

adminip123456 9000

Where to download TKstar gps tracker user manual?

Please refer here to download the device user manual and the user manual is based on UniGuard GPS tracking software. Please go to Support page to download.

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