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New Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Installation

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

By In Blog On December 28, 2015

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor is a great help for vehicle or storage tank fuel or other liquid level monitoring. With the connection of GPS tracking device, the fuel level of liquid is transmitted as fuel amount in either percentage or amount to web tracking software, all of which enables real-time fuel level monitoring. In the past year, UniGuard has upgraded the ultrasonic fuel sensor to be more precise and easier to install with help of videos.
ultrasonic fuel sensor connection


Control box 1pcs

Power and signal wire 1pcs

Sensor head and connection wire 1pcs

Ultrasonic coupling gel 1pcs

Glue 1pcs

Abrasive paper 1pcs

Tie cable 1 bag

Metal bundle 1pcs
ultrasonic fuel sensor packing


Explanation about videos-Installation in office:

Today we will demonstrate in office installation steps of ultrasonic fuel sensor.

Before starting we need a 7-38V DC power supply. What we use right now is 9V, 500mA adapter.

Open the packing box, you will see control box, display, sensor head and other accessories.

First, wire connections. Connect digital display to control box 1 side, power wires and sensor head to the other side.

Then connect Red and Black wires of power wires to power adapter. Red to Red, Black to Black. After double checking that no short circuit will occur, power the adapter.

Open ultrasound gel (the round tin), apply some to sensor head. Place the sensor head under the bucket full of water, which is to simulate a full fuel tank. Here we see the Signal and Fuel height value on digital display. It is best that full tank signal value is 2 or 3. However, the current signal value is 5, so we need adjust it. Long press key1 (8 secs above) and release, the display goes to adjustment mode. Short press key3 to reduce signal value or key2 to increase. Due to different tank and installation requirements, this adjustment step is inevitable.

After trying several times, we find out signal value 3 is the best we can get. The display shows water height 152.0, unit is mm. It matches the measured height.

Now let’s see how signal changes when reduce or add water.

While reducing water, the height value goes down, while adding water, the height value goes up. When water is reduced, the signal value becomes stronger. This is why we only need adjust the signal strength when tank is full.

As well, you can use other things, like drinks, to test.

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