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UM552 GPS Tracker

Share of UM552 GPS Tracker History Traces

UM552 GPS Tracker

By In Blog On September 2, 2022

What is UM552 GPS Tracker?

UM552 is a newly designed vehicle tracking device. Its working voltage is from 9V to 90V, which makes it suitable for tracking and monitoring of motorbikes, cars, and trucks.

um552 gps tracker
um552 gps tracker

With the connection of the relay, there are 3 ways to cut off engine:

  1. SMS command
  2. APP: Login APP-Setting-Cut Fuel-Fill in login password
  3. WEB:Login WEB-Command-Cut Fuel-Fill in login password

UM552 uses GT06 protocol, which is a common protocol and widely supported by all the world GPS Tracking Softwares, like Wialon, GPS-SERVER or GPSWOX.

To setup the device at Wialon, the command is: SERVER,0,,20281,0#

Once ACC detection wire is detected, there are 2 ways to have engine on alarm:

  1. SMS alert when the vehicle engine turns on
  2. Call alert when the vehicle engine turns on.

All alerts shall be sent to the admin number.


Please contact us by confirming required quantities, and share with us your shipping details. We shall issue invoice. Payment is accepted by Paypal, Western Union and Paypal.


1 If you have your own agent, we shall ship to your agent.

2 For samples, we ship by DHL mostly. 5 to 7 days to arrive. We can also ship by other cheap ways, however it may take 20 to 50 days to arrive.

3 For bulk orders, over 45KG, we ship by Air. Air is much cheaper than DHL.

After order, we shall create you and ADMIN account at our GPS tracking platform. Full access and control. You can monitor and track all your fleet with one account. As well, you can create subaccount for your clients or the different departments.

UM552 Features:

  1. Realtime tracking by web and APP
  2. Power tamper alarm by SMS and call
  3. Shock alarm by SMS and call
  4. Engine cut off with a relay
  5. ACC ON alarm by SMS and call
  6. Geo-fence alarm by web and APP
  7. Over-speed alarm: vehicle driving speed is above preset speed value.
  8. Engine idle alarm: the engine is on but the vehicle does not move.
  9. History traces playback by Web and APP
  10. Report: Historical Location Report, Travel Report, Park Report, Alarm Report.

UM552 Specifications:

Content Specs.
Dim. 77*28*16mm
Network GSM/GPRS
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS chipset MTK high sensitivity chip
Location accuracy <10 meters CEP
Time To First Fix(open sky) Cold status <35s   Hot status  <1s
Working voltage 9-90VDC
GPRS Protocol TCP/IP
Operating temp. -20°C to +70°C
Consumption 5mA~50mA

UM552 SMS Commands:

Admin number admin123456 Tel The last binding is valid
APN setup apn123456 cmnet Replace cmnet with local APN
Change password password123456 X X is new 6 digits password
Status check CXZT
Google Link Map
Cut fuel DY123456 Resume fuel KY123456
Restart GPS CQGPS Restart Device CQ
Overspeed value setup speed123456 080
Power cut SMS alarm pwrsms123456,X  




X=1, open. X=0, close


Power cut call alarm pwrcall123456,X
ACC Arm/Disarm ACCLOCK,123456,X
ACC ON SMS alarm accsms123456,X
ACC ON call alarm acccall123456,X
Shock alarm control shock123456,X
Shock SMS alarm 125# Close 126#
Shock call alarm 122# Close 121#

UM552 GPS Tracker Relay Connection

Relay is connected to cut off vehicle engine or power in case of emergency. Relay has 12V and 24V.

um552 relay connection

UM552 History Playback

UM552 is widely tested in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Tanzania and Chile etc. Below are some screenshots of the devices, from which we can see the traces look great. No Jump, No straight line, No cross houses or roads, and each turn is recorded as well. We shall share more.

Overall Rating

Chris From South Africa

UM552 is one of the best gps tracker i have used in market. I have used devices from Bofan,Meitrack,Eelink,etc.Considering price and function, I strongly suggest UM552 and GPSPOS tracking software.

Overall Rating

Marry from Kenya

We were buying UniGuard gps tracker since 2019, we bought both wired GPS tracker UM552 and wireless tracker UM666. Our clients are banks and insurance companies. Both devices help our clients a lot and win us many businesses.

Overall Rating

Samuel From Nigeria

I have been knowing Robin from Uniguard since 2015. We cooperated with them all the time till now. Problems do happen in GPS tracker. They solve it fast and finally help us win the clients back.

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