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Why to Choose UniGuard for GPS Tracker?

By In Blog On April 15, 2019

Registered in 2011, UniGuard has been in GPS tracking business over 8 years now. We evolved from a normal gps tracker hardware supplier to a professional gps tracking solution integrator. This could be a perfect reason to choose UniGuard as your partner in GPS tracking business, and there are more we can help. We have wildly distributed our GPS tracker to Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Philippine, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Poland, UK, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, Sierra Leone, South Africa, etc.

1 Various gps tracking device
In the past years, all our efforts are paid to real time tracking solutions for vehicle and asset, and the most cute personal and pet tracker just came out at the year of 2019. Below are our gps tracking device details that worth your time and invest: Mini GPS tracker, Magnet GPS tracker, GPS padlock, Personal GPS Tracker and Pet GPS Tracker.

A Min size gps tracking device
Mini size gps tracking device is small in size with builtin antenna and backup battery.

Mini gps Tracker UM210
mini gps tracker
UM210 has become the most hot sellers because of its excellent performance and compact size, supporting real time location tracking, remote engine immobilize and acc detection.

Mini gps Tracker UM720
mini gps tracker
UM720 is the newly designed smaller gps tracking device compared with UM210. Easier hiding with same features.

Mini gps tracker UM206
mini gps vehicle tracker
UM206 is a mini gps tracking device with optional accessory MIC and SOS emergency button.


B Magnetic gps tracking device
Magnetic gps tracking device is recently hot sellers for its manget installation and long time battery life.

Magnet gps tracker UM666A
wireless magnetic gps tracker

UM666A is a gps tracking device with removeable 5-magnets base and 5,000mAh dry battery that can last 3 years with one point tracking data per day.

Magnet gps tracker UM666B
magnet gps tracker
UM666b is the other model of 3 year battery gps tracking device with all in one design.

Personal gps tracker B28
personal gps tracker
B28 is a super mini personal tracking device with size of 39*35*14 mm and battery of 600mAh with 30 secs interval working time at 5 days!

Pet gps tracker B22
pet gps tracker
B22 is a perfect pet tracking device with size of 39*35*17.5 mm and battery of 15,00mAh with 30 secs interval working time at 15 days!

GPS padlock
gps tracking lock
GPS padlock is a state of the art tracking device for any movable door things, like vans, containers and fuel tankers. It accurately record traces and door open/close details.


2 Tracking software

Click demo to login


3 IOS and Android APP

Android Tracking APP
UniGuard GPSPOS application is carefully and user experience oriented designed to enable maximum convenience of tracking device on phone or pad. User can search GPSPOS at either Appstore or Google Play to download it.
GPS tracking application features:
1.Real time vehicle tracking– including speed, Address, direction, mileage and alert.
2.History Playback– check history traces of vehicle
3.Street view
4.One click to track all vehicles at single map
5.Device management– add/edit/delete vehicle, so filed engineers can manage units themselves instead of asking help from office monitoring center, which is a waste of time.
6.User management– add/edit/delete sub-users.
7.Auto language select–supporting more than 100+ world languages
8.Auto map select–supporting Google Map, Google Satelite Map, OSM Map, Microsoftware Map, Arcgis Map
9.Have Push Alert for any alarm
10.Geo-fence setup– restrict vehicle in certain area and have alert once the fence is triggered.


4 Customized web login page
We offer customized login page for clients that is aiming at long term business and wants to expand their business with professional support from us and to their clients.

Customization includes:
1.Login Domain
2.Login Logo
3.Login background picture
4.Other sophisticated customization will be charged per requirements details.
5.Regular and bulk order clients can be our local authorized distributor and we shall put their contact details at our company Contact Page.


5 Price

All gps tracker price has been updated to maximize reseller profits and give them the best price support except technical help. Please contact [email protected] for details with your company details included.

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