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Vehicle Speed Limiter

High Quality and Stability Vehicle Speed Governor

Vehicle Speed Limiter

By In Blog On April 30, 2016

Vehicle Speed limiter or Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses, school buses) and heavy goods vehicles. Normally speaking, the vehicle is already equipped with an onboard speed limit system prevent the vehicle exceeding certain speed. However in reality usage, the traffic might get dangerous with the pre-controlled speed, especially for school buses, public buses, and heavy construction trucks. Then external speed limiter (speed governor) is needed to ensure the public security.

The throttle is a mechanism used to control the inlet gases so as to increase or decrease vehicle speed. Typically, the throttle is a butterfly value placed on the entrance of the intake manifold in a fuel-injected engine or in the carburetor in a carbureted engine. Usually the throttle valve is connected and controlled with a throttle pedal in vehicles. There are mainly 2 types of vehicle throttle: Electronic throttle and mechanical throttle. Then the speed limiter is also divided into 2 types: Electronic throttle Speed limiter and Mechanical throttle Speed limiter. 

Vehicle Speed limiter image:

ethiopia gps speed limiter

Vehicle Speed limiter features:

  • Widely application on vehicles with 12V-24 voltage
  • Low power consumption 5W
  • Compact design, Easy and Fast installation, High shockproof ability
  • Power wire has overcurrent protector
  • No need maintenance. One time installation is all.
  • Configure by remote. Driver has no right to edit preset speed limit.
  • Speed limit cannot be breached. There is also sound and light alarm.
  • Voice alarm when vehicle speed approaches speed limit.
  • Speed governor can be connected to vehicle speed meter.
  • Configuration data is stored forever.


Vehicle Speed limiter parameters:

  • Working temperature: -40℃ to 85 ℃, humidity less then 90%
  • Speed limit range: 40-120 KM/H
  • Speed limit error: 5 KM/H
  • Working voltage: 9V-28V
  • Shock proof: 20-50Hz
  • Pulse voltage proof: 4000V


Vehicle Speed limiter remote usage (Electronic throttle):

1 Remote Button

Button Functions Description Unit
A/1 Add Increase speed limit
B/2 Minus Decrease speed limit
C/4 Setting Press 6 seconds to set speed limit KM/H
D/6 Learn from speed meter Press 1 second to enter setup, press again to exit


2 Operations

After correct installation of speed limiter, drive for 10 meters so as to let speed limiter learn the pulses from vehicle speed meter, other parameters should be configured too. Then the speed limiter display will show current vehicle speed.

2.1 Speed limit setting

Press button “C” for 6 seconds, display shows “B00.0”, speaker makes a bibi sound. “B” means now is speed setting mode. Press “A” or “B” to setup required speed. Short press “C” to exit speed setting mode. Speed limiter will store preset data.

2.2 10M pulse setting

2.2.1 Automatic learn

At a 10 meters straight road, press “D” for 1second and speaker makes a bibi sound, the display shows the preread 10M pulses. Drive vehicle at any speed, display will show current pulse reading after 10 meters. Press “D” till all number on display restored to zero and speaker makes a bibi sound, the display will show current speed. (Make sure 10M is accurate.)

2.2.2 Speed restriction

When vehicle speed approaches speed limit, speed limiter controls ECU to restrict speed. Restriction is free when vehicle speed is less then speed limit.

Vehicle Speed limiter Installations

mechanical pedal speed limiter

1 Signal wire: speed limiter yellow signal wire is connected to vehicle speed meter signal wire

2 Speed limiter controlling unit connections:

Black and Red for power supply.

Use voltage meter to read the wires between electronic throttle and brake pedal, which is 0.4V and 0.7V. Cut them off. Connect controlling unit 0.4V and 0.7V wires to the cut wires. Direction: OUT-near the pedal, IN-near electronic throttle.

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