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Vjoycar GPS Tracker

setup of vojoycar gps tracker

How to setup Vjoycar GPS Tracker?

By In Blog On March 5, 2019

Vjoycar is a SHENZHEN located gps tracking device supplier with clients in Nigeria, Kenya and other countries. They also have their own web tracking software. However, their platform is not helpful in some features, leading to a fact that clients buy devices only and change to other companies for web tracking service.

vjoycar gps tracker
vjoycar gps tracker magnetic
vjoycar gps tracker
vjoycar gps tracker minisize

Their vehicle GPS tracker includes below types:

Mini GPS Tracker: T805, T0024

Magnet GPS Tracker: TK20SE, TK15, TK10SE, TK05SE

If you have above mentioned devices and want to use them at our web tracking platform, please use below features:


Port 5080

If you have any more questions about the GPS Tracker setup, please send email to [email protected] A

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