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GPS Tracking Software Policy

Paid Plan

Web Tracking Service Policy

By In Blog On January 31, 2017

Since below policy is announced, 2.5 year has passed.  Any thing changed?

1.We upgraded the web tracking software every year by improving software stability and user experience. We are proud to say that in the past 2.5 years, UniGuard software keeps running without a single problem!

2.We uploaded IOS and Android APP to appstore with name. GPS Tracking APP comes with more features, most importantly-Instant Push Alarm is available.

3.Clients with units above 500 units choose to pay, while clients with less than 100 units choose to pay less than 10USD.

What we must do?

1.We believe in heart that Quality Service needs Quality Investment!

2.There is no free meal in the world! Always,  free is the most expensive thing.

Below new policy shall be taken from May 1st, 2019.

Online Units Quantities (Unit)Per Unit Per Year cost (USD)
Below 10015
Above 30001.5

UniGuard GPS Tracking software is free to use for all clients aiming at long term business over 8 years now-Car Tracking at No monthly Cost. The free tracking service includes Web Tracking Software, IOS/Android Phone Tracking APP. This service has been offered to worldwide 1000+ clients including 30,000 GPS tracking devices at 2 different servers (excluding 10,000 units work on client’s own server.)

It is known to all there are cost for car tracking service either monthly or yearly or by quantity and the price ranges from 15 USD to 30 USD per device per year. Car tracking at no monthly cost is a great advantage of our clients over their competitors.

Why we must charge now for web tracking service?

1 Free tracking service does not guarantee orders.

Among 1000+ clients, most clients buy hundreds of GPS trackers then no more orders, while they have been using free gps tracking service over years. A company cannot stand without orders.

2 Server maintaining cost is increasing

To keep a server running 10K devices smoothly, the server monthly cost is 350 USD per month excluding 24 hrs standby engineer salary. Right now, the server running monthly cost is upto 1000 USD.

3 GPS tracker hardware profit is decreasing

Order of clients do not increase, while the profit is keeping decreasing. Right now the best seller gps tracker cost range at 20 to 25 USD per unit. Take client A for example as below
web tracking software subscription

Since mini GPS Tracker UM210 sells best in market, Price VS Quantity is as below:In order to move forward and offer valued service to all clients, we shall charge to offer web tracking service.
web tracking software subscription

In a word, yearly order value amount above 50,000 USD still enjoy free web tracking service. Like car tracking at no monthly cost, the paid plan aims to keep offering improved web tracking service for all clients. Clients have units above 2000 pcs can choose to host units on their own server, we shall do free GPS tracking software installation.

Paid plan GPS tracking service starts on June 1st, 2017. We shall do a summary of all clients’ order details and send them email to notify this policy.

How this policy will be applied?

1 All the accounts created by UniGuard shall be edited to expiry date on June 1st,2017, though the accounts created by clients themselves are still in usage.

2 Clients should tell us how many cars they want to extend for new year and then we shall issue Year Card to their accounts and renew their accounts one more year. As for device quantity, we shall refer to the account Monthly online device status as below
web tracking software

3 If clients do not pay the charge, the account shall be remained for 6 months and deleted at the end of December 31, 2017.

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