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10 FAQ

10 mostly asked questions

10 FAQ

By In Blog On March 27, 2014

1. Why do I need turn on ACC when I send fuel measure command?

Fuel monitoring has 2 solutions:

  1. Use vehicle own fuel sensor. Vehicle own fuel sensor works only when ACC is on, this is why you need turn on ACC and then send fuel measure command.
  2. Use external fuel sensor. No need turn on ACC. As external fuel sensor is connected to car battery, no matter if ACC is ON or OFF, the sensor works. 

2. Is fuel monitoring accurate with vehicle own sensor?

Fuel monitoring is not accurate with vehicle own sensor. When vehicle engine is off, vehicle fuel sensor does not work, and then you cannot monitor fuel status. It is suggested to use external fuel sensor for monitoring all the time.

3. If I have 10 clients, can each client view their own vehicles online without interfering others?

YES. No matter how many clients you have or how many vehicles does a client have, you can give each client a unique login ID to track their own vehicles. Each client can only see their own vehicles but you have control of all the vehicles. We support Web tracking, PC program tracking and Android APK tracking tools.

4. Is your system free to use?

It depends. We have 2 serials of products. One series enjoys free tracking life time. The other series has yearly renting charge based on device quantity.

5. If I buy GPS tracker from UniGuard, how do I track my vehicles from my own country?

No matter where you are, you can login our web tracking system to track your vehicles as long as you have internet access.

6. What do I need to track my vehicles online after buying UniGuard GPS tracker?

You just need get a SIM card with SMS, call and data function. Make sure it has enough credit. Insert the SIM into tracker SIM slot and send 2 text commands from any cell phone, you can start to track it online.

7. Does UniGuard GPS tracker support our country telecom bands?

All our GPS trackers use SIMCOM900 module which is Quad bands (850/900/1800/1900Mhz), so they will surely work in your country.

8. If there is no GSM coverage, is there any other way to track?

We can add a flash to tracker to store GPS data when there is no GSM coverage. The stored GPS data shall be sent to server automatically after tracker re-gain GSM signal.

9. Does UniGuard GPS tracker cost a lot of GPRS packet?

We are proud to claim that our GPS trackers use the least GPRS packet. Each GPRS message sent by UniGuard GPS tracker is only 34/54 bytes. Compared to other trackers, Meitrack cost 130 bytes, TK trackers cost 110 bytes. Meanwhile, GPRS interval is automatically multiplied 10 when vehicle ACC is off.

10. What is UniGuard GPS tracker warranty?

We offer 12 months warranty.

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