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China Spring Festival 2022

Dear Friends, Compliments of the season! China Spring Festival is near. The holiday shall start from January 25th to February 10th, 2022 Due to holiday, production and delivery shall be delayed before and after the holiday. Delivery of order between[...]

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Global Wafer Co., Ltd Plans to Increase Wafer Prices

Global Wafer Co., Ltd is currently fully loaded with full production capacity. Chairman Xu Xiulan said that it is expected to remain fully loaded in the first half of next year and will gradually increase the spot price of its[...]

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Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Shock the Supply of MLCC

On 29th December 2020, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred near Mindoro Island in the Philippines, which is the main production base of MLCC in the world and has attracted market attention. Since many global MLCC manufacturers such as Murata, Samsung[...]

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