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3G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker with 3G internet

3G GPS Tracker

By In Blog On May 20, 2016

Internet development is always fast, it has come from 2G to 3G to 4G, and now 5G is also under fast development. However, GPS tracker mostly still use 2G GPRS internet even they are compatible with 4G or 3G sim card. In some countries, like Australia 2G will soon be a history.

Why 3G tracker is not widely supplied in China?

  1. GSM Module Cost. 3G GSM module cost much higher than 2G GSM module. Since most companies are procuring 2G GSM module with large quantities, the single cost of a 2G GSM module is low enough. Vice versa, 3G GPS module has less market in GPS tracker business and the cost is too high.
  2. Market requirements. Although there are expanding requirements of GPS tracker with 3G GSM module, when it comes to real order, the requirement just vanishes before price. A 3G GPS tracker will at least be 25USD higher than 2G GPS Tracker.

Why should we use 3G GPS tracker?

  1. Country like Australia soon will stop 2G internet service. All 2G GPS tracker will just become useless or sell at second hand to other places if they are in good shape.
  2. 3G internet speed is faster. 2G network data transmission speed less than 50,000 bits per second, while 3G speed is over 4million bits per second. Faster data delivery surely will ensure stable performance of GPS tracker and avoid problems caused by poor internet.
  3. 3G internet connective is faster. GPS tracker will take shorter time to recover signal after coming out from GSM blind area or underground park where is no GSM signal at all.

Below is the parameters of 2G GSM module and 3G GSM module from SIMCOM

2G GSM module

3G GSM module

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