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AT&T 2G Network shutdown

3G GPS Tracker or 4G GPS tracker

AT&T 2G Shutdown

By In Blog On December 26, 2016

According to the official news on America Telecom Supplier AT&T website, 2G network will be shut down on December 31, 2016, which means 2G phone or devices using 2G network will not work with AT&T SIM card.

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What about GPS tracker supporting 2G only? There are 2 ways:

1 Replace AT&T Sim card in 2G GPS tracker with T-mobile SIM. Please refer here about T-mobile coverage map

2 Replace 2G GPS Tracker with 3G or 4G Tracking devices

3G GPS Tracker price will be 25USD higher compared to 2G GPS tracking device. 4G GPS tracker now is rare in market due to the high cost. However, as time moves forward and mass decommission of 2G network, price of GPS tracker with 3G or 4G shall come down because of mass purchase of 3G or 4G modules

Also, Singapore and Australia has the same plan to shut down 2G network as well, not to mention the countries, South Korea and Japan, that have shut off 2G years ago.

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