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4G Frequency

4G GPS Tracker now starts to get shares in market as more and more countries are planning to terminate 2G GSM soon. However, due to the fact that 4G GPS tracker is not widely applied and required in market, the[...]

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Car Charger GPS Tracker

Car charger gps tracker is a combination of gps tracking device with cigarette lighter, so it is called cigarette lighter gps tracker as well. It is one of the most creative gps tracking device for car. It is designed and[...]

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What to do after starting a GPS Tracking Business?

How gps tracker works? Before answering this, let’s have a short introduce about how to start gps tracking business. Factors that need to start gps tracking business: 1 Find a partner good enough A good enough partner should support in[...]

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Why to Choose UniGuard for GPS Tracker?

Registered in 2011, UniGuard has been in GPS tracking business over 8 years now. We evolved from a normal gps tracker hardware supplier to a professional gps tracking solution integrator. This could be a perfect reason to choose UniGuard as your partner[...]

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How to setup Vjoycar GPS Tracker?

Vjoycar is a SHENZHEN located gps tracking device supplier with clients in Nigeria, Kenya and other countries. They also have their own web tracking software. However, their platform is not helpful in some features, leading to a fact that clients[...]

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GPS Tracking Padlock Comparison

GPS tracking padlock or GPS padlock is an innovative product, using GPS, GSM and high security locking technology, perfect for fleet, logistic and asset security management, enabling real time communication with your assets no mater where you or the assets[...]

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Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

The UniGuard hidden GPS tracker for car is an awesome vehicle tracking device if you want a GPS tracker that is easy to Use, Hide, and Track. The hidden tracking device for cars is mainly used for bank-financed cars to[...]

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Parking Location Finder

It is always frustrating to forget where the car was parked at a large parking lot on which we have wished for a device that would locate the car. Though there are numerous way to find my parked car, here[...]

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