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RFID Authorized Drive

Only Authorized Driver can start vehicle engine

Authorized Drive

By In Blog On March 26, 2014

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. RFID Authorized drive is for both fleet/driver management and vehicle security. With help of GPS Tracker UT04, users can greatly increase management efficiency and security.

Here we would like to introduce our new solution about Authorized Drive via RFID

1 Driver management. Through RFID, you can know When and Who drives the vehicle. Where to check it? Steps as below:

  1. Login GPS web monitoring system with your account
  2. Click Report-Statistics-RFID Statistics
  3. Choose Time interval, Choose Vehicle, Click Query
  4. You can also export the data into Excel on your computer for future reference. 

2 Authorized drive. Only driver with authorized cards can drive, otherwise the vehicle engine will not start. How to do it? Below are the steps:

  1. Install GPS tracker UT04 and connect RFID reader. Relay for engine cut and ACC for engine detection should be correctly installed too.
  2. Setup tracker online
  3. User the card to touch RFID reader, tracker will send the card data to server. Login GPS web monitoring system, check RFID statistic. You will get a card number. Record the card number. Normally 10 digits.
  4. Send command A000000,101,1 to activate Authorized Drive.
  5. Send command to set the card number as the authorized card for driving

E.g. If ID number is 8888888888, send command A000000,097,1,8888888888 to GPS tracker SIM number.

  1. After the authorized card is set, only the driver with authorized card can start the engine and drive 

What happens if the authorized card is lost? There are 2 solutions:

  1. Send command to set up another authorized card (A tracker can match at most 5 different card numbers)
  2. Send command A000000,101,0 to cancel Authorized Drive. 

RFID control helps a lot for driver/fleet management and vehicle security.

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