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5 Top Benefits of GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking sytem and benefits

5 Top Benefits of GPS Tracking System

By In Blog On May 20, 2014


GPS Tracking system helps improve fleet management with total control over your fleet and significantly reduce costs.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Speeding is a very important factor of fuel usage. Maintaining proper speed can significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption. By setting a speed limit, you can always know which vehicle exceed the limit.

Excessive idling can cause high fuel costs too. When the driver continuously stops vehicle without turning off engine, it will lead to a huge money cost. With help of GPS tracking system, you can clearly know how much time the vehicle wastes on excessive idling and take proper action.

Improve Driver Behavior

Excessive idling will lead lost of company, but the proper action will require driver to behave and drive well. GPS tracking system offer the company an opportunity to keep an eye over drivers’ performance with just a few costs.

Increase safety and security

GPS tracking system also helps improve the safety of company fleet. In case of vehicle stolen, GPS tracking system will help recover the stolen vehicle by remote locating and vehicle engine control. In case of hi-jack, hidden SOS button can immediately send out emergency message to preset numbers and get help. Police can also go to accident places at first time. There are also GPS tracking system offering maintenance alert so as to let your know when time is due for your fleet maintenance.

Better customer service

With real time web monitoring system, fleet owners know the exact location of each fleet truck and can dispatch which truck to which place directly and effectively. Also, with help of Geo-fencing alarm, fleet control center knows which vehicle leaves or arrives at certain places at what time.

There are more features of GPS tracking system which can greatly help fleet management and control, increase fleet productivity, lower labor costs, and reduce vehicle misuse.

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