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Best GPS Tracker in Kenya

By In Blog On January 19, 2017

New Year hast started. Per the company total sales volume Big Data, the best GPS tracker sold to Kenya is Mini hidden GPS tracker UM555 with 2K sold every month.
vehicle gps tracker

Why Mini GPS tracker UM555 is popular in Kenya market considering the fierce competition and loom economy?
GPS tracker um555

Small size

GPS Tracking Device UM555 has a dimension of 78*30*15 mm which makes it one of the smallest car gps tracker in the world. Because of this, it is easy to install and hide, so as to avoid tamper.

Full features

Though hidden GPS tracker UM555 is small it meets all the requirements for real time vehicle tracking and anti-theft purpose.

Real-time tracking: With SIM car inserted, the device reports to GPS tracking software at the interval of 30 secs, users can have a real-time view of vehicle current location and status.
Engine immobilize: With connection of relay, user can send SMS command to cut fuel or electricity supply to engine, so as to avoid theft.
Shock Alarm: when vehicle is parked, user can send sms command to enable gps tracker into Arm state, when there is shock, the hidden gps tracker will sends shock alarm message to preset admin numbers.
Movement Alarm: when vehicle is parked, user can send sms command : move100, to enable mini gps tracker into arm state, when vehicle is moved or moves 100M away from the parked location, the hidden gps tracking device shall send movement alert message to preset admin numbers.
Overspeed alarm: user can send sms command: spd80, when vehicle runs at a speed higher than 80KM/H, overspeed alarm message shall be sent to preset admin numbers.
ACC ON SMS/Call Alarm: When vehicle engine turns on, device can either call or send SMS alert to preset phone number.

All the alarms can be viewed both at preset admin phone numbers and GPS tracking software.

Free GPS tracking software: In order to support the clients’ business, we offer free web tracking service for all clients aiming at long term business. Our clients can enjoy realtime car tracking without monthly fee, though they can charge locally to have a monthly cost from 10 to 20 USD.

Best Price

Best GPS Tracker UM555 price ranges from 11.5 USD to 15.5 USD. MOQ is 100pcs.

Stable performance

With Ublox GPS and MTK GSM chipset, the mini hidden GPS tracker UM555 always performs at its best to wash out headaches.

Best after-sales service

No one can avoid bad units either by improper installation or other reasons, we offer replacement to clients so as to avoid client’s lost. The faulty units can be sent back together. This service will be offered according to order details and company policy.
From above picture, users can have a real time view of vehicle driving path.

gps tracker kenya

A: Gives a full view of all vehicles on map
B: A Meter telling Speed, Direction,Address, etc
C: Alarm message shall pop out immediately so as to avoid loss

If you want to start GPS tracking business in Kenya or any other countries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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