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Why Buy GPS Tracker form China UniGuard?

Good and excellent China GPS Tracker Supplier

Why buy GPS tracker from China UniGuard ?

By In Blog On August 12, 2016

China is known as the word factory that most products are either manufactured or assembled here, so is GPS tracker. UniGuard is one of the most GPS tracker suppliers in China with 7 years of exporting experiences in to more than 70 countries, hotly sold to Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Sierra Leone, etc.

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Why buy GPS tracker from UniGuard China?

  1. Affordable Price

What most clients ask either by Skype or email inquiry is what is your GPS tracker price. However, the problem is not many clients carefully check the solutions or product we provide and make a narrow range of choosing what devices for their project, in which case we can help better by giving detailed proposal and solutions. UniGuard GPS tracker price has a wide range, differing from features and manufacturing components, to suit different market requirements. Price is never a problem in China that the price of a GPS tracker can go as low as 10 to 15 USD.

  1. Guaranteed Quality

Is your GPS tracker stable? How about their performance? What is the warranty? Quality is placed at same priority as price. A terrible tracker will not only ruin the supplier’s name but also destroy the market and brand built by clients. UniGuard offer 12 months’ warranty to all sold GPS trackers and life-time service to all clients. Anytime anywhere you can reach UniGuard by call, email or message. We also guarantee that all the devices we sold can last at least 1 year, and some upto 3 years without causing problems to clients. We admit the minor flaws while they can be solved remotely without interference to clients. The higher price the better quality. Low price will somehow compromise quality to maintain profits. No profits no standing of company.

  1. Free Web Tracking Service

How much is your software? Are there any monthly or annual subscriptions to use your web tracking platform? How much do you charge for using the web tracking system?

  • Web tracking software can either be sold or installed free for all clients. Please contact us if you need buy the GPS tracking software and install on your own server.
  • Web tracking service at UniGuard server is free for long term business. As long as we are in cooperation, the platform is free to use. As well, you can also give access to any of your clients.
  • For one-time business, we start to charge the web tracking software service at the second year which is 10 USD per year per device. It is negotiable if the client has bought many devices.
  • Customized login page is also available. Any clients with order of 500pcs can get a well-designed login page with their own Logo and Brand.
  • Free web tracking service helps client save money and make more profits. For example, if the client has 1000 devices, and yearly charge is 8 to 10 USD per year, each year the charge in total is 8000 to 10,000 USD, which is a large cost with others and a large profit with us.
  1. Customer oriented service

We are at standby mode as always no matter in holiday or at weekend. The server engineer keeps an eye on the software 7*24. Proudly to say that the new web tracking software has run 502 days without a single problem. Any technical problem about GPS tracker is solved fast. Also, we listen to our clients and make proper adjustment on both GPS tracking software and GPS tracking devices.

Which GPS tracker should I use for my project?

There are many new companies which want to start or open branch of GPS tracking business on the basis that they have a good customer database, like companies in CCTV area, taxi, or bus or heavy equipment selling factories. Which GPS tracker should I choose?

All the trackers have below basic features including: real time tracking on google map, history playback, remote engine immobilize, over speed alarm, geo-fencing, SOS alarm, and remote voice monitoring.

  1. Mass installation.

For mass installation, price stands at first place. Here we suggest GPS tracker UM206 or UM210. Their good price and stable performance makes them easier to sold in bulk and conquer market. 

  1. Long endurance.

Quality stands at first that a tracker can last for years. Here we suggest GPS tracker UT01 or UM02. With SIMCOM GSM module and SIRF GPS chipset, they can give clients peace of mind by lasting more than 3 years with proper usage and installation.

  1. Vehicle fuel consumption monitoring

Vehicle fuel monitoring solution is composed of GPS tracker UT04, Fuel sensor and Web tracking software. GPS fuel tracker UT04 is the best choice to offer excellent performance and data for vehicle fuel consumption monitoring.

  1. Driver Identification

Driver identification is composed of GPS tracker UT04, RFID reader and Card, and Web tracking software. Each when Card is scanned by RFID reader, GPS tracker UT04 shall upload it to web tracking software where clients can login and see the details.

Buy GPS tracker from China, Buy GPS tracker from UniGuard.

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