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Camera for GPS Tracker

3 Types of cameras for GPS Tracker

Camera for GPS Tracker

By In Blog On July 28, 2014

Camera for GPS Tracker. GPS camera tracker UT04 is used for image monitoring remotely.

Camera works with GPS tracker is called GPS camera. GPS camera is connected directly with GPS Tracker UT04 to take photos remotely and photos are sent to server real time by GPS tracker.

Camera 1 Camera 2 Camera 3


  1. Camera will take a photo every time when vehicle engine is turned ON and OFF.
  2. User cans send command online to let tracker to take a photo anytime.
  3. Customization. Set an interval to let tracker take photo according to the interval. E.g. Tracker takes a photo every 10 mintues.

Suitable for UT04, UT05 and it is an OPTIONAL accessory.

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