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Concrete Truck Tracking

Mixer Truck Location Tracking and Drum Rotation Monitoring

Concrete Truck Tracking

By In Blog On November 28, 2022

concrete truck monitoring

In the concrete industry, the phenomenon of stealing and reselling concrete without permission is happening. In order to reduce the loss of concrete companies. concrete truck tracking system, revolving drum forward and reverse detection, real-time positioning monitoring are used to effectively curb concrete theft.

Problems in the concrete industry

At present, concrete enterprises generally have the following difficulties and problems in the management of vehicle transportation and dispatching. Let’s concrete truck tracking system resolve them all.

ON/OFF road and illegal concrete selling

Drivers do not drive per the planned routes, they drive random or for personal business, which increase the fuel consumption and lead to waste of time. Also there are companies who do not need much concrete or cannot buy concrete legally, they collude with drivers to buy concrete, which lead the loss of material and problems with regular concrete buyer as the delivered concrete is less than ordered. It also does great harm to the company reputation.

concrete truck tracking
concrete truck tracking

Scheduling difficulty

In the traditional management mode, after the vehicle drives out of the factory area, it is difficult for the dispatcher to get its location at any time due to lack of real-time monitoring system. When faced with on-site inquiries, it is impossible to predict whether the vehicle will arrive at the construction site on time. Also, it is easy to cause a backlog of vehicles at the construction site or factory area due to the inability to grasp the departure interval, which seriously affects the transportation efficiency and transportation capacity.

Driving behavior and fuel theft

As we all know, dangerous driving will cause serious traffic accidents. Whenever dangerous behavior occurs, no matter how strict the administrative penalty is, it cannot be warned and stopped in time. In addition, oil theft and oil leaks during transportation have been repeatedly happening, further increasing the operating costs of enterprises.

concrete truck tracking
concrete truck tracking

Uncontrollable concrete quality

During the transportation process, some drivers unload the material without permission and then fill it with water, or the concrete ratio changes due to the pressure on the construction site, resulting in a decline in the quality of the finished product. This not only has a negative impact on the company’s image, but also the entire project stability and safety have been endangered.

Company reputation damage

The cost of service remains high, and the image of the enterprise is easily damaged. Due to the lack of scientific, reasonable, accurate and effective scheduling, the vehicles often cannot arrive at the location for loading and unloading within the specified time, which is not only difficult to meet customer requirements; It will greatly affect the image of the company.

company reputation

Points to improve concrete truck service

1 Design concept

Concrete truck tracking system is based on the actual needs and characteristics of concrete production and transportation at present, with vehicle real-time management and concrete transportation management as two basic applications, incorporating advanced mobile application management, adopting leading comprehensive vehicle information management system with independent intellectual property rights developed by advanced GPS satellite positioning technology, GPRS mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information system, computer network communication and data processing technologies.

2 Revolving drum forward and reverse monitoring

  1. First, temporarily connect the sensor probe with the bracket and fix it as a whole, and at the detection part close to the shaft and wheel as a whole (note the distance between the probe and the magnetic steel, and the magnetic steel is fixed on the shaft and wheel of the drum); first loosen the fixing screw, adjust the sensor distance and then tighten the screw.
  2. After the line is connected correctly, make the drum of the cement tank truck in the rotating state, and observe the flickering of the indicator light of the sensor (when rotating forward: the indicator light is always green, and only flashes when the magnetic steel passes the probe; when reversing: the indicator light is red It is always on, and only flashes when the magnet steel passes the probe; when it is stopped: the indicator light flashes red; pay special attention to the fact that the indicator light is not on when the magnet steel is just at the position of the probe when it stops, which is also normal). When the indicator light flashes incorrectly, turn the sensor probe to debug until the indicator light flashes normally.
  3. After adjusting the angle of the sensor, fix the sensor probe and the bracket, and drop a drop of screw fastening glue on the bracket and the sensor fixing clip and the original car screws to prevent the screws from loosening.
  4. Only when the S pole of the magnetic steel is facing the sensor probe can it work normally (please refer to the flashing status of the sensor indicator light for whether it is working or not. When the S pole of the magnet steel is facing the sensor probe, the indicator light changes; The indicator light does not change when the other side of the magnet faces the sensor probe).

3 Main Functions

(1) Vehicle Information Management Comprehensive management of vehicle information, including unit information, vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle type, color, insurance type), annual inspection records, repair information, accident violations and other information

(2) Driver management Comprehensive management of driver information, including driver information (driver name, gender, ID number, driver’s license number, phone number, address, photo, etc.).

(3) Task management Based on the dynamic information management of the operation process (such as the total number of vehicles, vehicles to be produced, vehicles on the way, vehicles in the process of unloading, vehicles on the way back, departure time, time of arrival at the construction site, start time of unloading, end time of unloading , driver’s name and contact information, etc.), to realize real-time monitoring and task management of the entire operation process.

(4) Location management It has all-round vehicle positioning, vehicle route tracking, track playback and other business functions, and supports multiple query methods such as location query and vehicle query.

(5) Scheduling management According to the real-time dynamic information management of vehicles and materials (location information, current operating status, vehicle quantity and arrival status on the construction site and other vehicle dynamic comprehensive information), combined with electronic maps, scientifically and accurately conduct reasonable scheduling, To meet the needs of more construction site tasks, and minimize the occurrence of “vehicle backlog” and “insufficient supply” on the construction site.

(6) Loading and unloading monitoring Realize real-time monitoring and management in the process of vehicle loading and unloading by detecting the forward rotation and reverse rotation of the mixer truck. It can not only assist the dispatching department to judge the status of the vehicle and the progress of the task, but also effectively prevent material theft during the concrete delivery.

(7) Fuel consumption management Real-time monitoring of vehicle refueling and fuel consumption, accurate analysis of the relationship between vehicle operation and fuel consumption, and abnormal alarms to the system or designated mobile phones in the event of vehicle oil theft or oil leakage.

(8) Maintenance management According to the maintenance content of the vehicle, combined with the vehicle’s driving data, mileage statistics, last maintenance time, and next maintenance time, accurate maintenance management is implemented. (Under developing)

(9) Security management Illegal unloading alarm, unloading overtime alarm, transportation overtime alarm, stray into restricted area alarm, parking overtime alarm, overspeed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, idle speed alarm, collision rollover alarm, and SOS help alarm, etc., Ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles during driving.

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