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GPS Fuel Monitoring System

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System by GPS Tracker with Fuel Sensor

Fuel Monitoring System For Trucks Cars and Generators

By In Blog On March 28, 2022

To be able to offer the most accurate fuel monitoring solution, you have to be in GPS fuel monitoring area for many years. UniGuard has been in fuel monitoring for 10 years now! We are proud say We know which GPS Tracker performs best, We know which Ultrasonic Sensor measures accurately, We know which GPS Tracking Software gives  accurate Fuel Consumption, Fuel Theft and Refuel Data. UniGuard will not let you down.

The application of GPS fuel monitoring system shall enable the fleet management company to have a better view of vehicle and truck fuel costs consumed by the fleet, avoid fuel thefts, and reduce fuel costs.

Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all line operating costs. Having an accurate energy monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase effectiveness.

GPS tracking systems now have a sizable impact to fleet control or private needs, seeing that it is able to assist decrease gasoline consumption, view vehicle status etc. With help of GPS tracking software, GPS with fuel monitoring device, and fuel level sensor, it is possible to check fuel amount used during travel, left in the tank, fuel theft, or fuel leak every time you want it.

As well, driver’s behavior: speedy acceleration, harsh braking and over-speed driving, place a direct impact on gasoline consumption, which means driving behavior must be well controlled. Furthermore, fuel monitoring sensors can effectively prevent driver fraud in fleet management.

What is GPS fuel monitoring composed of?

The fuel consumption monitoring system is composed of 3 parts: a GPS tracking device, fuel monitoring sensor, and fleet management center.

  1. GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking device is a location tracking and reporting device, installed on vehicles and update position information to the fleet management center. A GPRS-enabled SIM card is inserted into it to enable communication via SMS and GPRS.

  1. Fuel monitoring sensor

Fuel monitoring sensor is a kind of sensor to measure fuel or liquid level height and send the height data to GPS tracker. There are mainly 2 types of fuel level sensor in type of installation method-ultrasonic fuel sensor and fuel probe.

Ultrasonic level sensor offers noncontact installation without damaging the oil box. Vice versa, to install fuel probe, the tank must be tampered to open a proper hole for sensor going into the tank.

With fuel amount changes, the sensor shall detect changes in the output signal, either RS232 or RS485 or Analog voltage, which will be collected by GPS tracker and transferred to fleet management software.

  1. Fleet management center

Fleet management center is a cloud based real time tracking software to collect data sent by GPS tracker and display the collected details in a user friendly format. Normally gps tracking hardware supplier shall provide admin login for buyers to monitor their own fleets and mange their own customers.

Why GPS with fuel monitoring is needed?

Fuel is a kind of nonrenewable material that the more we use now the less we have in future. Therefore, the world has been promoting wind, water, and nuclear energy. Electric motor vehicle has now become a trend to replace gas vehicles. However, manage fuel consumption wisely is what we can do now to save cost and contribute to the world carbon neutralization.

  1. Manage fuel consumption cost

Fuel consumption monitoring system ensures that you get accurate fuel usage, refuel and leak location updates on various reports. There is also fuel amount vs speed and mileage report, so as to have a clear view about gasoline utilization.

  1. Prevent fuel theft

Fuel theft has always been a big problem for fleet management. Here is the solution. Once the GPS tracker with fuel sensor is installed in the tank, the management center can have a full control and view about the details of fuel usage or refuel or theft. Instant alert shall be triggered if there is fuel theft.

  1. Fuel efficiency reports

There are various reports to offer a larger and complete view about fuel utilization. Monthly fuel details gives fuel amount used every day, mileage travelled, refuel amount, engine idle fuel amount, fuel usage per 100KM and fuel usage per hour. Refuel report gives when and where and how much fuel is added. Idle fuel report gives when, where and how much time is spent at zero speed.

What is UniGuard fuel monitoring system?

Uniguard vehicle fuel tracking system is composed of GPS fuel tracking device UM777, fuel monitoring level sensor and GPS tracking software.

  1. GPS fuel tracker UM777

UM777 is an advanced GPS tracking device. It is IP67 waterproof with one RS232/485 port. It can support at most 4 fuel sensors at the same time with a senor box.

  1. Fuel level sensor

Our fuel monitoring sensor has always been under evolution. Right now we offer ultrasonic fuel sensor head for accurate fuel consumption monitoring, as well as fast and easy installation.

  1. GPS tracking software

Our gps tracking software is specially and professionally designed for accurate and live fuel consumption monitoring, and alert when there is fuel thefts. Below are some screenshots about the various fuel monitoring reports. All the fuel reports include 2 parts: Graph and Details, in which includes Start Time/Fuel/Address, and End Time/Fuel/Address.

  • Realtime Fuel Report

Realtime fuel report gives a clear report about fuel consumption, when where and how much fuel is used during the trip.
gps fuel monitoring

  • Idle Fuel Report

Idle fuel report tells how much fuel is used while engine idle state, as well the time and location.
gps fuel monitoring

  • Daily Fuel Report

Daily fuel report clearly tell how much fuel is used per day, used at idle state, used per 100KM, added and leaked as well.
gps fuel monitoring

  • Fuel Mileage Report

Fuel mileage report tells how much fuel is used and the mileage travelled during a trip.
gps fuel monitoring

  • Monthly Fuel Details

Monthly fuel details shall give a complete view of a vehicle fuel consumption, refuel, fuel leak details day by day.
gps fuel monitoring device

  • Monthly Refuel/Leak Report

Monthly refuel/Leak report gives a total view of vehicle fuel add and leak reports with map location display and fuel graph.
gps fuel monitoring

  • Refuel Report

Refuel report gives fuel adding amount, time, duration, and address.
gps fuel monitoring system

Check Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Software videos

Monitoring Fuel on Android and IOS APP

gps fuel monitoring app

What’s more, the platform also support Temperature report and Weight Report.

Check our realtime videos at TIKTOK or YOUTUBE

Fuel Monitoring Reports (You can download the Sample fuel monitoring reports which are downloaded from the software to see how detailed and excellent the reports are good and useful for accurate fuel consumption monitoring, fuel leak detection, fuel theft prvention.)

UM777 Fuel Tracker Specification

4th Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Installation Manual V1.2

GPS Tracker and Fuel Sensor Installation steps

Client’s Feedback

We have clients using our GPS tracking devic UM777 and ultrasonic fuel sensor for years. Here are some updates.

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring with One tank

gps fuel monitoring for one tank

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring with Two tanks

gps fuel monitoring for two tanks

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