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Fuel Storage Tanks Monitoring Systems

Fuel Storage Tanks Monitoring

By In Blog On May 20, 2014

fuel storage tank monitoringFuel Storage tanks monitoring (GSM/GPRS/GPS)

  1. Real time fuel level (fuel volume) monitoring in fuel storage tanks via GSM/GPRS internet
  2. 24 hrs day and night automatic remote wireless fuel storage tank monitoring
  3. Fuel history information for each storage tank
  4. Fuel monitoring graph for each fuel tank
  5. Monitor real time status of additional external sensors
  6. Fueling and draining monitoring
  7. Worldwide coverage via GSM/GPRS/GPS network
  8. All fuel information are transmitted via GSM/GPRS network


Fuel Storage Monitoring System


In general, fuel storage monitoring system consists of below components:

  1. Fuel level sensor-ultrasonic fuel level sensor or capacitive fuel level sensor
  2. GPS/GPRS/GSM Tracking devices. Maximum support four fuel level sensors via analog inputs
  3. Data transition network: GSM/GPRS internet
  4. Web Monitoring Center or PC monitoring software. Both needs internet connection

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