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Tanker truck fuel monitoring via Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Fuel Tanker Monitoring

By In Blog On March 27, 2014

Fuel tanker monitoring (Cargo fuel tank monitoring) is available for all types of tankers.

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Fuel tanker monitoring has following features:

l  Real time fuel level information in fuel cargo tanks (fuel compartments)

l  Locate places of fuel loading and uploading

l  Fuel monitoring or consumption history for each fuel tank (each fuel compartment)

l  Fuel theft control, prevent fuel drain or fuel fraud or fuel manipulation


Fuel tanker monitoring:

l  Control remotely fuel cargo tanks (fuel compartment) monitoring

l  Accurate automatic fuel level measurement in cargo tanks

l  Detailed information about fuel fueling, consumption or draining in cargo tanks or cargo compartments

l  Detailed fuel history in cargo fuel tanks and compartments

l  View GPS locate points of fuel loading and uploading

l  Collect and store information about fuel in cargo tanks or compartment for future analysis


Fuel tanker monitoring system includes following components:

l  Accurate fuel level sensors-capacitive fuel level sensor or ultrasonic fuel level sensor. Collect fuel information from cargo tanks or compartments

GPS GPRS GSM vehicle tracking device UT04. Collect fuel information from fuel level sensors (installed in cargo tanks or compartments) and send the information to monitoring center/ web monitoring software by GSM/GPRS network

Monitoring center/web monitoring software. Store information sent by GPS tracker and analyze.

fuel tanker truck fuel monitoring

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