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GLONASS Tracking Device

GLONASS Tracking Device is mainly for Russian Market

GLONASS Tracking Device

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

GLONASS Tracking Device Available

Everyone is familiar with GPS that stands for Global Positioning System possessed by the United States. As a counterpart to GPS, GLONASS is short of Global Navigation Satellite System managed by the Russian Space Forces and the system is operated b the Coordination Scientific Information Center (KNITs). In Russia it is Глобальная навигационная спутниковая система.

Now almost all AVLs/trackers/locator use GPS for remote tracking service, which is obviously that they are called GPS tracker or AVL GPS. There are few and growing number of GLONASS trackers suppliers. However, since the completion of GLONASS, GLONASS trackers requirements are growing largely especially in Russia for accuracy and security reasons. Since we have Russian clients and they require GLONASS tracker, we start the solution right away. The difference between GPS tracker and GLONASS tracker is the module for receiving satellite signal. In GPS tracker, GPS module usually SIRFIII is used supplied by SIRF Technology. Then in GLONASS tracker, module for receiving GLONASS signal is used and manufactured by SIM Technology, U-Blox .etc.

There is no GLONASS tracker in stock and they are only offered for bulk order under client’s requirements.

If you are in need of GLONASS tracker, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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