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GPS Kids Tracker

GPS Watch Tracker,Portable GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS Kids Tracker

By In Blog On July 17, 2014 personal tracker for kids

Kidnapping can be a terrifying fact of life in many countries, including Nigeria, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Egypt, Lebanon, Colombia, etc according to RiskMap. Ransom kidnapping and armed robberies are easily the most serious domestic security problems that many nations currently face.

Missing kids are growing every year, which is truly a serious and worried problem for all parents. There should be a way to keep the children safe and in case of emergency, the children should be under parents’ control. GPS tracking system including GPS kids tracker and Web tracking software should be helpful for tracking and rescuing the kidnapped or lost children or any person. There are specially designed GPS tracking system for kids, children, lone worker and people tracking and monitoring remotely.

Therefore, UniGuard came up with 3 types of GPS Kids tracker for helping prevent and reduce kidnapping as well as rescue.

Our GPS Personal tracker for kids, children, lone workers have below useful features:

gps kids tracker

  1. GPS tracker supports both online and mobile tracking. You can track locations anytime anywhere either via cellphone SMS command or APP or computer
  2. GPS tracker includes SOS Panic button, listen-in and two way communication function for emergency. GPS tracker can dial 911 or other preset numbers to call for timely help.
  3. Geo-fencing functions will keep them at a certain areas like school, factory, home. Immediate and accurate alarm message shall be sent to your phone number and web tracking system once they move out or in the pre-determined areas.
  4. GPS watch tracker UP103 is easy to wear and have a normal electronic watch appearance.
  5. GPS mini portable tracker UP101 UP102 support long time tracking upto 8 hrs, which is enough for 1 night day’s tracking
  6. Parents and other monitors do not have to check computer all the time. They just receive alert message when the monitored person is in danger or in need of help.

UniGuard will strive to develop more powerful and useful GPS Kids Tracker to contribute in the safety and rescue of kids, children, lone works and the elder with GPS tracking technology.

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