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GPS Padlock, GPS Lock

GPS Lock for container, fuel tanker, ballot box

GPS Padlock

By In Blog On January 15, 2016

GPS Padlock is a combination of GPS tracking device and Padlock, with combined technology GPS and Lock. The part of GPS is used to track and locate, the other part of Lock is to secure assets and record lock open/close times. GPS tracking padlock is a perfect device for tanker truck of fuel transportation, as well as containers.

FAQ about GPS padlock:

How long can GPS lock battery last?

GPS Padlock  can last 10 days at interval of 30 seconds, 13 days at interval of 2 mins.

How to control GPS E-lock, lock/unlock?

Local control: By RFID card or Keypad

Remote control: By SMS command and Platform control command

Is there Tracking APP available?

YES. User can download GPSPOS at appstore or Google play.

Is there 3G or 4G version gps tracking lock?

YES. Now we offer 4G GPS tracking lock. Price is higher compared to 2G version. Countries like USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore does not support 2G GSM network.

What is the gps lock price?

To proect our customers, please contact [email protected] or call +8615012404563 to get price.

GPS Padlock Main Features:

  • Multi-control ways: 4G or GPRS/SMS or Password or RFID card
  • Multi-tracking ways: Web, SMS and APP
  • Real time tracking: Live tracking gps lock locations and give alarms
  • OTP Protection: Password is valid only for 1 time operation.
  • Auto alarm: Lock beam or body broken, there is alarm at once at web
  • Data storage: When there is no GSM, GPS data shall be stored and then send to web tracking center
  • Direct Display: Power amount, GSM/GPS status, Lock status
  • Robust Design: Robust body and firm for harsh environment.
  • Waterproof: IP67 water proof
  • Anti-explosive design: Have office anti-explosive certificate
  • Repeated usage: The padlock is designed to use 5+ years
  • Long battery life: Working time up to 13 days at interval of 30s and 2 operation per day

Below is GPS Padlock

gps padlock

GPS tracking padlock specifications

Item GPS Tracking Padlock
Dimension 35*82*20mm
Lock wire length(optional) 15cm
Lock Beam Null
Beam Gap 44mm
Beam Hight 67mm
Weight 90g
Battery Li-ion 3000mAh
Working current 40mAh
Working Mode GPRS/GSM
Built-in RF antenna Omni
Battery Working Time 30 days

(2 min interval, 2 operation per day)

IP Level IP67
Usage Time above 5 years
Working Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Working Humidity ≤90%
4G Type Yes
Switch Button Yes

GPS Tracking Lock Application:

Container inland transportation

Fuel transportation tanker or fuel tank

Any house: warehouse, shops

Ballot box

Other valuable things transportation 

GPS Tracking Lock Types

We offer 2 kinds of GPS lock per client’s usage purposes.

7B GPS lock is an intelligent gps tracking lock with Seal and Unseal cards. Seal card is used to lock, unseal card is used to unlock. Support lock/Unlock by SMS, Card and Platform command.

gps padlockgps padlock

7A GPS lock is an e-tracking lock with LCD screen and keyboard. Support lock by Keyboard,SMS and Platform command.

GPS Tracking Padlock usage attentions:

  • Li-ion battery is used and working voltage is 3.7-4.2V DC sealed inside lock body. Charge-discharge time is around 500 times and takes 2-3 hours for charging full. Please charge the GPS lock while battery is low. GPS tracking lock must be at unlock state while charging otherwise cannot be fully charged.
  • GPS tracking lock working temperature is from 20℃~ to 60℃, harsh environment surely decrease the tracking padlock performance.
  • Li-ion battery normal working voltage is 3.7V~4.2V. Device can still work when voltage is less than 3.7V. However, it is advised to charge it before battery used out.
  • If battery is used out while unseal lock, power bank can be used to charge GPS tracing padlock around 10 mins. After unlock, please charge it immediately.
  • Please do not use other charging tools so as to avoid damaging GPS tracker padlock.
  • While lock, please make sure the bean is fully inserted.

GPS Padlock Control on web

Besides basic GPS tracking features of GPS device, the device can be controlled remotely by website.

GPRS reporting interval setup

Default GPRS reporting interval to server is 30 secs, user can set it max to 300 secs so as to save battery life. GPS padlock can last at least 5 days at interval of 5 mins. Updated model can last 13 days at interval of 5 mins.
gps padlock

Lock/Unlock control by Web

User can send command online to remotely lock/unlock the GPS E Lock, no matter GPS signal is good or bad, so as to make sure the GPS padlock can be open/close at any required time.
gps padlock

Lock/Unlock control by SMS

Beside web control, GPS padlock can lock/open via SMS command in case you are in the field that is not able to access computer. The password can be changed to any 6 digits. 123456 is just an example.
gps padlock

GPS Lock Real time Status

Have a clear view of the lock status at real time tracking page.
gps padlock

GPS Lock Operation Logs (Lock/Unlock log)

Have a clear view of when the lock is opened/locked and knows who operates it.gps padlock

GPS Lock history location report

From the Detailed Trip Report, you can have an clear view of the past locations and lock status.
gps padlock detailed history location report

GPS Lock History Locations Replay

Playback history location report like a video with moving icon on Google Map.
gps padlock history replay

GPS Lock Operation Report  (Lock/Unlock report)
This Report includes detailed GPS lock operation details with Time and Place.
gps padlock operation report

What about the GPS padlock Price?

Check online that the GPS padlock price is as high as 300 USD!This is the cheapest you can find in Google, some is sold at 900USD! How much do we sell? It is half of 300 USD!!!

GPS Padlock

If you need more information, please send email to [email protected]

E Lock For Truck

gps padloc for truck

GPS Padlock Anti-explosive Certificate: Anti-explosive certificate

GPS Tracking Padlock Updates:

Below is a new padlock with lock wire. The dfault lock wire length is 20 cm. As well, it has 4G version for the gobal application. Since it has no keyboard, it can be controlled to lock and unlock by RFID card per the picture shows.

gps padlock

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