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GPS Tracking Padlock comparison

compare three different gps padlocks in price and specs

GPS Tracking Padlock Comparison

By In Blog On September 28, 2018

GPS tracking padlock or GPS padlock is an innovative product, using GPS, GSM and high security locking technology, perfect for fleet, logistic and asset security management, enabling real time communication with your assets no mater where you or the assets are at any time.

GPS tracking padlock main features:

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • User friendly config and usage
  • Wireless installation
  • Robust design
  • Built-in battery (fixed or replaceable)
  • Lock status report
  • Move-in or Move-out predefined area alert
  • Low batteries alert
  • Lock beam damage or unauthorized unlock report

GPS tracking padlock benefits:

  • Provide real-time information about the assets or fleets
  • Robust design to protect the valuable
  • Schedule alerts about the assets’ arrival or left
  • Worldwide usage
  • Prevent theft, save cost and time

GPS tracking padlock range of usages:

  • Remote area infrastructures: such as mobile towers, as it records any lock/unlock operations
  • Logistic companies: gps padlock gives real time information of the transported goods, keep the truck along the pre-defined road, alert will be sent as long any set rule is broken
  • Records opening and closing time

GPS tracking padlock comparison

There are mainly 3 types of GPS padlock in market. Below are the detailed GPS padlock specifications.

Most expensive model Mul-T-Lock
Mul-T-Lock gps tracking padlock
gps padlock

Most small model Starcom Watchlock Cube

Actually Mul-T-Lock is also called WatchLock and branded.
watchlock gps padlock
watchlock cube

UniGuard GPS Padlock

gps tracking padlockgps tracking padlock

gps tracking padlock price

What clients most care about the GPS padlock?

1 Unit Price

2 Web tracking subscription fee

3 Operation

4 Waterproof

5 Warranty

Model Mul-T-Lock Watchlock Cube TT 5A/ TT 5B
Brand Mul-T-Lock Starcom UniGuard
Unit Price 315 USD 199 USD
Subscription Fee >10USD/Month >10USD/Month ≤10USD/Year
Operation Key









Waterproof Yes Yes YES. IP67
Dimension 71*102*53mm 75*75*80mm 100*70*30mm
Weight 625g 910gr 650g
Warranty 12Months 12Months 24Months

Through above explanation and comparision, you should have a clear idea about how GPS padlock works and which type you need. If you need more information please contact [email protected] or whatsapp +86 15012404563

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