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GPS School Bus Tracking System

UniGuard GPS tracking system helps school bus tracking

GPS School Bus Tracking System

By In Blog On May 16, 2014


More and more school buses are used in modern world to send and receive students from home to school, vice versa. Students are the future of each parent and the country. To transport safely, timely and in an informed manger is becoming more importantly in current harsh traffic environment. How does one transport each and every child safely, timely and in an informed manner? So, how does one go about ensuring safety and disseminating this information in real time? GPS school bus tracking system is the answer.

With GPS tracking technology, easily track, dispatch and maintain school buses to ensure that each child id picked up on time and dropped safely. What’s more, GPS bus trackers offer surveillance technology that lets you monitor driver behavior, ensuring a high level of efficiency from them. Here’s a look at the host of benefits that GPS bus trackers have on offer.

1.GPS vehicle trackers determine accurate school bus location in real time and dispatch continuous feed and updates via satellite or cellular network.

2.Drivers will never be lost again, will GPS trackers easy to use, integrated maps technology. They also help in navigating through low visibility areas.

3.Extend the life of vehicles by scheduling tune ups and maintenance work through regular diagnostic reports. In case of a breakdown, receive alerts which enable you to quickly send a backup or repair wagon to fix up the stalled vehicle. This saves costs and time.

4.Improve driver behavior through constant communication and surveillance. Two way audio, texting and cameras let you know what the situation inside each bus is like and help you promote good behavior.

5.Keep concerned parents in the loop by letting them know where each bus is located exactly. Eliminate the antiquated need to depend on the driver to respond with co-ordinates.

6.Improve safety by setting speed thresholds and geo-fences. This will further add to responsible driver behavior.

7.Get access to historical log data which lets you know when, where and how long a school bus made a load stop.

8.Cut down costs by reducing fuel usage, automating driver logs/timesheets and efficient fleet management with help of GPS bus tracking system.

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