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GPS Tracker Helps Business

GPS Tracker is good for your business

How GPS Tracker Helps Your Business

By In Blog On August 18, 2016

gps tracker business

GPS tracker and GPS tracking system, using GPS, GPRS, SMS technology, have been known for years with their proven solution in fleet management, auto recovery, vehicle fuel consumption monitoring, driver management, route optimization, and real time monitoring, etc. However, how does it exactly helps business, with what features? The article below shall give you a clear idea whether to buy GPS tracking solutions for your vehicles or fleets, individuals or companies.

Reduce Dispatch Time

With each vehicle installed with GPS tracker and real time reporting (report interval range from 10 secs to 10 hrs), fleet manager can have an overall idea of each vehicle exact location by just login the web tracking platform. With tool-Drag to Find Car, fleet manager easily find out in an area vehicle numbers, vehicle plate and who is driving. With two-way voice communication, control center can talk with driver directly to arrange dispatch.

Reduce Journey Times

How to drive to the client’s warehouse from the vehicle current location? It is even difficult for the taxi driver to find a new location not to mention company drivers working on routines. With tool-Way-Click Start and End position, GPS tracking software will auto find a route, so as to optimize route, avoid traffic jam or get lost and guarantee that they will arrive at their destinations on time.

Reduce Fuel Cost

It is impossible to know where the vehicle drove to or how the vehicle is utilized without assistance of GPS tracking system. Are they vehicles used for individual purposes? You do not know. All the invalid and unauthorized drive shall add fuel cost. With History Playback and Report, fleet manager is easy to know where the vehicle has been. With Passer-by Location Report, fleet manager easily can know if the driver has driven vehicle to forbidden areas at working time. With Fuel Consumption Report, control center can easily know how much fuel is consumed during the journey. With Fuel Theft Alert, GPS tracking software will give immediate alert if there is any siphon or theft of fuel.

Reduce Insurance Costs

As it is always said: Tax and Insurance is inevitable for a fleet running companies. The larger the fleet is, the higher the insurance cost is. Insurance companies provide discount to vehicle owners who install GPS tracking systems, which make it easier to get stolen vehicle recovered. If they vehicle has driven out of preset area, like out of the town or even the country, there is immediate alert on software and by Email with Geo-fence feature.

Improve Driver Safety

It is the drivers that transport goods from one warehouse to another and driving on road is always dangerous. It is a high cost to the company if the driver gets into accident. With real time location tracking on Google Map, control center can locate the driver location in the field when communication is lost. With emergency SOS button (I-button), driver can send immediate help message to control center and gets helped. With Over Speed Alert, control center can notify the driver and also weigh the driving performance by weekly or monthly Over Speed Alert Report.

Improve Work Efficiency

Factors like traffic and inefficient routes can hinder job accomplishments, especially when it comes to more difficult tasks. However, with Dispatch and Journey time reduced, control center can operate more efficiently, which leads to the result that more jobs will be completed.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

When is due to take the vehicle for maintenance? Do you have to check the mileage of each vehicle one by one? It is an exhausting job. Save the time to do more meaningful things. GPS tracking device shall record each mileage passed and send data to web tracking platform where control center can easily know how much distance is travelled at certain time with Mileage Report. Also, Vehicle Maintenance Management give you an easier way to know which vehicle is time for maintenance and you can send email to notify users or drivers.

Improve Customer Service

The more quickly and efficiently you can provide service to you customers, they happier they will be. This translates to more loyal customers, more referrals, and ultimately more revenue for you.

Improve Business Competition

With GPS tracking device installed, your customers will view you as a reliable business partner if you can tell them the exact time they should expect the goods. Being unsure about time is unacceptable in today’s market since time is money. Customers will always choose to buy from business that gives them accurate information concerning the location and delivery of goods. When everything else is same, the fact that you are using a tracking system will give you a competitive advantage.

Greener Business

Business are feeling the pressure in adopting “green” practices, so while yo may thing going green is not worth the effort, it helps your business. With GPS fleet tracking solution, you can reduce carbon footprint with better routing and by minimizing CO₂ emissions by minimizing idles times with Engine Idle Alert and Report. Using a fleet tracking solution could help your business put greener practices in place, helping your business with more bids from environment-friendly clients.

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