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GPS Truck Tracking

GPS truck tracking system for fleet tracking and management

gps truck tracking

GPS Truck Tracking System

For Transportation Company, customer service and fleet efficiency equals the financial success of trucking business. Customers want quality services and products and expect a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Uniguard GPS truck tracking system will help you enhance your fleet operations and improve customer service while maintaining your bottom line. Even more, it will help you to recover the time and money you are losing due to operational inefficiencies, and add it to your profits!

Specifically, Uniguard offers the tools for GPS monitoring of your trucks, so you can:

  • Track your fleet in real-time, 24/7
  • Cut fuel and other operational costs by monitoring:
    o mileage report
    o speeding, idling report
    o fleet maintenance
    o unauthorized vehicle use
    o unauthorized border crossing
  • Guarantee first-class customer service by providing:
    o real-time fleet GPS tracking
    o accurate pick-up and delivery times
  • Reduce cell phone bills
  • Boost productivity and efficiency by eliminating:
    o wait/down time
    o dispatch inaccuracies
  • Provide safety and security to truck drivers
  • 2-way text/voice communications between dispatch and vehicles

What sets Uniguard apart in the GPS fleet vehicle tracking and management industry is our real-time tracking with updates every 30 seconds. There is no software that needs to be installed — all you need to track your trucks is a computer with a web browser and a connection to the internet.

Did you know? Increasing speed from 88 to 120 km/h can increase fuel consumption by 39 percent, while cutting the effectiveness of fuel-efficient tires by 27 percent.

Track whereabouts of your trucks and how they are being used

Real-time vehicle tracking
real time vehicle tracking

The Uniguard tracking system gives you the easiest way to access visual maps of your fleet. You can view the location of your trucks in real-time, as well as their current status – engine working hours, if they have stopped, stop duration, trip duration and distance, and so much more. You can set geo-fences and receive an immediate phone alert when your vehicles are close to their destination. With 2-way text communications, you can exchange messages between dispatch and vehicles.

Tracking Reports
Tracking report
To increase your fleet productivity and streamline your operations, download your customizable fleet vehicles activity reports:

• Detailed trips, stops
• Engine working hours
• Mileage and mileage by state
• Speeding
• Fuel consumption
• Visuals as per the brochure
Run your reports for any day, week or month, single truck or large fleet. Generate, print or e-mail this information on demand.

Tracking Alerts
phone tracking alert
Receive instant notifications to email or cell phone if your truck is:

• Due for maintenance
• Close to its destination
• Speeding or idling excessively
• Starting a new trip
• Close to a certain landmark – as your client, warehouse, etc..
• Being operated off-hours or on weekends
• Had PTO engaged

Remote immobilizer

Track and immobilize your vehicles right from your computer or mobile phone

To view complete and detailed gps truck tracking system please download Fleet Management Solution