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Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring

Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring for food and assets security

temperature monitoring

Truck Temperature Monitoring

A refrigerator truck is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures. In additional to GPS vehicle monitoring and tank fuel level monitoring, UniGuard GPS tracker allows having accurate refrigerated truck temperature monitoring. This function is very useful for refrigerator truck monitoring, reefer monitoring (and also for agricultural application).

How does it work?

In truck install Tracker UM777.

In refrigerator install temperature sensors. (Sensor line is 3.5M)

UniGuard GPS Tracker can support more than 1 temperature sensors, at most 4 temperature sensors at same time.

UniGuard GPS Tracker read data from each installed temperature sensors and transmit data of each sensor to real time web monitoring center.

UnGuard GPS Tracker also transmit to web monitoring station vehicle location, speed, ignition status, fuel level and other useful information.

Key advantages

1.Real time temperature report no matter where the vehicle is. Temperature monitoring interval can be adjusted from 15 secs to 10 hrs. The shorter the better.

2.Alert in case the truck leave the departure and arrive at the destination.

3.Ensure the trucks run on the designated route by checking history playback.

4.Immobilizer function to lock and unlock the engine from your mobile or web to prevent vehicle theft with help of GPS tracker and Relay.

Useful for transportation of

1.Frozen food

2.Peishable goods like fruits / vegetables with a life span

3.Food items like ice-creams that require cold storage

4.Vaccines and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

5.Health products


  • Refrigerated containers / trucks / vans
  • Fleet management of cold storage vehicles
  • Catering trucks

Stay in touch with your cargo any time!

l   Instant SMS notifications on crucial events

Temperature goes beyond threshold values

Refrigerated container doors are opened at unauthorized location

Unscheduled stops due to breakdown or any other reasons

Refrigerator compressor ON/OFF alarm

l   Real-time monitoring

Real-time location tracking of vehicles using web tracking center with Google Map

Real time temperature monitoring with programmable time intervals, minimum interval is 15 seconds

l   Reports

Temperature history report according to preset interval, second by second or minute by minute

Print or export to Excel

Trip report with analysis of routes taken, stops, unscheduled stops

New Truck Temperature monitoring solution with below features:Truck Temperature MonitoringTruck Temperature Monitoring

1 Real time Location Monitoring

2 Live Web and APP Tracking

3 Live temp. monitoring

4 High or Low temp. alarm

5 Geo-fence and POI

6 Fuel monitoring (optional)

Click to download the Truck Temperature Monitoring Details:

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Refrigerator temperature tracking